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Man Dies In NYE Cosmo Terrace Fall

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th January 2012 4:22pm
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If you had picked New Years Day 2012 in the Cosmopolitan terrace fall death pool, you won.

It is unclear at this point if the fall was accidental or a suicide, but either way it had to be somewhat intentional. You don't just lean over and "fall" over those railings, it takes purpose to climb upon them and hang over the glass wall.

The victim fell about 7 stories onto tennis courts on the north west corner of the property. Fault.

Pay the line.

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kind of sucks, but if I was gonna end it all, I'd be hard pressed to think of a better balcony to jump off of.

I have friends in Panama City Beach and every year a drunk partier (or two) manage to fall off a hotel balcony to their death. Although unfortunate, it is a fact of life when you combine drunk young people with hotel balconies.

didn't realize they had tennis courts... some guy died falling off a roof a p-ho new years too..

KTNV just reported it as being deemed a suicide.

Can't imagine that was a great imagine.

Was this the Tail that was tailing LoseTheTail?



i wish this had a like button, not the death, but the simple one liner to finish the post...

Thats one hell of a way to bring in the New Year.

To even lean very far over these balconies, unless one is extremely tall, you have to wedge yourself between the railing and the glass wall. Other random fact: it's incredibly hard to take a good pic on these balconies if you're photographing people, since each one is in the shadows of the terrace above it. I, too, was flabbergasted that the Cosmo has tennis courts. The Jockey Club must've gotten tired of Cosmo guests throwing trash down into their pool, because there's a net above their pool deck now. (Might've always been this way since the Cosmo opened, for all I know.)

That's 2 Cosmo Balcony Deaths so far.

Already! This place is really racking up a body count!!!

Ok, now we need a "When is Cosmo going to bolt the balcony doors shut forever?" pool.

And, the netting above the JC's pool was in place when the Cosmo was under construction - to prevent falling things from hurting their guests. They just left it up.

That's 2 Cosmo Balcony Deaths so far.

I believe this is the first, as the other one (back in early March) was a fall from the pool deck level (early reports were conflicting and it was initally reported that it was from a room balcony).


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