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Dear @johnunwin Will You Pop Up Marry Me?

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th January 2012 4:56pm
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You really gotta hand it to the Cosmopolitan. They've jumped on nearly every friggin' hipster bandwagon possible in the short time they've been open. The branding. The marketing. The semantics. The music. The fashion. The cocktails. The shows. The shopping. The fucking food truck.

Ta-dah. In the space once occupied by a useless furniture company (Droog) comes the instant temporary solution to temporarily fill prime real estate wrapped in the parlance that makes hipstards jizz in their skinny jeans - "The Pop up Wedding Chapel."

Photos by Jake. Thanks Jake!

Cosmopolitan Stupid Wedding Chapel

Cosmopolitan Stupid Wedding Chapel

Cosmopolitan Stupid Wedding Chapel

Cosmopolitan Stupid Wedding Chapel

Dear John Unwin,

Will you pop-up marry me?

Love and kisses,

- Chuckmonster

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Comments & Discussion:

..."No Homo".

It's so awesome! Some decently-priced packages with some nice add-ons. I trust it'll make a killing. Great use of the space, and definitely more buzzworthy than a few more slot machines. Fake wedding for $80 AND you get a photo booth token? Yes, please.

You're welcome!

Too bad no one was getting married when I stopped by. And the fake people in the audience are hilarious if you see them in person.

Great concept, but they really cheaped-out on the decor. If someone had offered strip-side faux weddings in a cool looking space, I would have gotten married a dozen times by now. Throw in some themes and this could be the start of a new trend.

Fake Weddings are a TOTALLY awesome product.

Now we just need them to offer divorce packages (real preferred but fake divorces are cool too).

We walked by that when we were out in Vegas and it looked so cute. Someone was getting their dogs married when we went by. I like the Cosmo. It's VERY VERY UBER HIPSTER though. Like wanna be rich hipster. But I still like the place. Like the Chinese take-out, the pizza place, etc.

So you can leave something shitty and unfinished as long as you call it "pop-up"?

Pop-up Fontainebleau, anyone?

Totally agree with @parchedearth, @sroeben, et.al. It's a clever, fun use of the space.

Love the "dish" that you guys find but sometimes it's like you just want to BIT$# about something. Come on @cookiemonster... cheer up and have a chocolate chip.

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