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Peekaboo: Wynn Tower Suites Lobby Renovation!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 26th December 2011 5:58pm
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The Wynn switcheroo is over! At least two of the biggest parts of it. Hot on the heels of our peeping the interiors of the High Limit Slots (formerly Blush) VT supertipster Jake Z stopped by Wynn's brand new Tower Suites lobby to check out the brand new space and send back some photos.

Wynn Tower Suites Renovation

Oh my.

Wynn Tower Suites Renovation

There is cocktail service throughout the Tower Suites lobby. Yay!

Wynn Tower Suites Renovation

The new, open check in.

Wynn Tower Suites Renovation

Bellagio called, they want their Bellagio back, which is surprising since they de-Bellagio'd the joint anyways.

Wynn Tower Suites Renovation

Semi-secluded luxury bar with no nonsense attached? Could be interesting.

Wynn Tower Suites Renovation

New elevator entrances. Oh my... Tableau is now "Tower Suite Cafe."

Wynn Tower Suites Renovation

Yipes. That logo sucks. The "O" floats just like at Bellagio and the "R" is underwater. Doesn't Mandalay Bay have the wave logo too? Bad.

Wynn Tower Suites Renovation

And here's the cafe.

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Comments & Discussion:

Based on Donnymac's tweets yesterday it's essentially still Tableau with a new name and paintjob.

Not enthused with what has happened to Tableau, but I'm cool with the rest.

There are dots on those windows looking out into the casino, right? Otherwise I'm guessing there will be soon.

When I meandered through, there was just open space. No glass. I hope it stayed that way.

Still waiting for pictures of the 17th floor stairwell landing and a full test drive of one of the updated housekeeping carts.

Now I'm really confused. Is Pic #1 the former high limit slots area?

@detroit -Yes.

That's where the bar is. All of the spaces are at least semi open to each other now.

Thanks, @RateVegas. That cabinet with the animal on top in Pic#5 has been my favorite piece in Wynn since it opened. I may not know what these things are called, but I know what I like.

I forgot to mention in my email that they have a piano inside the new lounge/bar that is supposed to play nightly.

@JohnD There is no glass anywhere. It's completely open from the casino through the lobby.

Oh my.

"Whats new is old again!"
Or is it just me?

It looks pretty nice!! Does anyone have any pics or videos of what the old Tower Suites lobby looked like?

Im guessing the new wave logo is symbolic of the wave of douchebag brahs & Hos who will soon be washing over the tower suites on their way back and forth between Encore beach and the club formerly known as Alex

makes checkin bearable, but >
- privacy removed?
- tower suites cafe but not just for tower suites
- recently read that the hallways are not / have never been locked between resort side

and of course >
- pool with "tower suites cafe" service

arg - i mean checkin and pool are the good offerings

Tableau was never just for Tower Suites guests.

i presume they changed the name to advertise, but the name makes absolutely no sense


The way things are more open must be an attempt to direct more traffic to Tableau. Ooops, TS Cafe.
I'm confused by the elevator photo. Am I turned around? The previous elevator banks were the lower levels first, closest to the checkin and pool door, then the higher floors. Which view is this? From the casino floor? I hope not.
Excellent coup on the whole WTS stuff Chuck and Jake.

@Malibugolfer That photo is in fact taken from the casino side of WTS. With the elevator key card access that Mike E. wrote about at ETS being installed at WTS, the company was apparently cool with opening "everything" at WTS up to the public.

How does the name Tower Suite Café not make sense?!

It's very rounded, ivory colored and drapey....well, I guess that's what luxe is right now.

my comparisons >
mgm removing "joel robuchon" and calling it "the mansion restaurant"
wynn creating something called "fairway villa restaurant"

its similar to requiring keycard in elevator, but not having floors secured from resort side

Tableau was not Joël Robuchon.

Also, ETS requires a key in the elevator but it's hallway doors are unlocked and easily accessible. Sadly, as fancypants as we want to be fire code trumps all and while I do like the exclusivity of TS, I don't mind my fellow man using their elevators or stairwells to escape a fire.

whats the situation with stairs on resort side?
if there is only one set, there should be a second one.
tower should have its own.

elevators during fire?

I note that according to Wynn's website, TS rooms and suites now include free breakfast and lunch (or free cocktails and afternoon tea) in the TS Cafe. This is in line with what my UK-based Travel Agent told me last week about the TS being given the equivalent of a 'Club' facility.
They have apparently hiked up the prices as a result ($470 midweek for a TS room in June is a good $150 above last year.

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