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Hyde Unhides

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd December 2011 2:23pm
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Hyde Lounge, the soon to be opening nightlife booze concept from VT reader SamNazarian tore down their construction walls last week to unveil... (drum roll please).........

Hyde Bellagio

The Holodeck doors are open... a fantasyland where $500 bottles of Smirnoff never appear on your credit card bill and everyone always gets laid.

The Louis XIII table isn't to scale compared to the rest of the entrance. It also seems a little bright (and modern) for Bellagio. Hey, if MGM doesn't care, why should we!

I'll have a Smirnoff and Papaya please?

Big thanks to Blackjacker1979 for the tweet pic.

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Comments & Discussion:

The thing is wayyyyy too big. Combined with the space cleared out for walkways, it just looks empty. Plus, loss of a sightline outdoors. Gross.

Oh, and the 'H' is this cheapo printed thing that looks like it came from Kinkos.

At least the name is better than Climaxxx!.....just sayin.

What is going on with the H? From this distance, it looks like its made out of moth wing dust.

The H is printed on a board and applied to the wall. My guess is that whatever laser cut matching H they were supposed to have didn't come in and this was a temporary thing.

And yeah, the only thing at all enjoyable about this is pretending you're on a holodeck. (Nailed it boss.) Next time I'm there I'm totally putting a headband over my eyes and doing my best LaForge.

Just watch out for Moriarty.

It looks like they don't expect more than 5 people to be standing in line to get in at any given moment.....

Hard to believe they named a nightclub after one of the characters on That 70's Show.

"A deadline has a wonderful way of concentrating the mind."

Maybe Moriarty can make them fix that H.

I thought 'Hyde' was just a name, I didn't know people inside were going to literally be hidden.

I remember seeing the light from those doorways spilling out over the construction wall, that is just way too much artificial light in one space. Besides, the brighter places like that are, the more obvious everyone's makeup is.

It sucks cack!

I'm a fan of modern, but that color is a bit too dark for the Bellagio. It's more appropriate to Wynn or possibly Aria.

That said, given the pattern on the roof, it doesn't clash as badly as it could have.

Even so, I think they should've just renovated the Fontana bar, possibly adding some lakeview gaming tables.

"The H is printed on a board and applied to the wall. My guess is that whatever laser cut matching H they were supposed to have didn't come in and this was a temporary thing. "

Maybe not. The 'H' looks just like that on the outside/fountain-side wall too.

That's a temporary H.

The real H is 90 lbs. of stainless steel and should be installed soon.

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