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Cosmopolitan Giving Away $150,000 In Apple Gear

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st December 2011 12:07pm
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The Cosmopolitan is giving away $150,000 in Apple gear as part of a new casino promotion running January 5 until February 25th, 2012.

Fine print:

Must be 21 years of age or older. Subject to change without notice. Offer valid January 5 through February 25, 2012. Management reserves all rights. Subject to Identity Terms and Conditions and promotion rules available that the Cosmopolitan. First night deposit required at time of booking. 72 hour cancellation policy in effect. Blackout dates apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Daily drawing participants must be present to win and must claim prize within 10 minutes. Daily drawing participants can only win one $500 gift card per day. Need not be present to win Grand Prize Drawing.

So, every two hours they're giving away a $500 Apple Gift card. Entries are accrued by earning 10 Identity points on slots, video poker or table games. The key is to figure out when the drawing hours are and schedule a slot when the casino is empty - graveyard - and play a bunch then to maximize your chances.

Good luck trippers!

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Comments & Discussion:

You only have 10 minutes to claim your prize, which means stop playing and walk over to the drawing every other hour. I wonder if they anticipate a large percentage of the prizes will not be claimed. Do you need to be hotel guest to win?

Hang at Book&Stage, play VP, get free drinks and win an Apple gift card---
pretty good, prrreety prrreety good.

The drawing are from 2-8PM so I'm doubting there are any slots in there where the casino is dead (or deader than usual. Hey-ooooo!). But do they reset the entry pool every 2 hours? If I earn an entry at 2PM do I stay in the drawing only until 4 or for the whole day or what? Regardless I'll be out there at the end of January and will definitely be spending some quality time at Book & Stage.

1. Great... giving away Apple stuff to encourage use of their (now) pay-to-use Wi-Fi!

2. Anyone smell that an Apple store is going to replace that store they are closing (Droog, I believe).

3. Living here back in the 90's, I found out that timed promotions are a good deal. (Back then, no players card... you cwon tickets getting 4-of-a-kind or blackjack or 7 on the come-out roll... and I was playing VP and BJ with advantage).

How many people in Las Vegas are watching their watch (or phone)? Or even listening to some casino announcement? Earn your points, set your iDroid for drawing time, and get your ass over to the drawing.

I remember both Tim AND Michelle winning pairs of tickets to a concert at Cosmo because they were two of (something like) seven people to actually show up for it.

Dave posited #2 on TWHT the other day. I doubt it but it's possible. Isn't the 'fake wedding chapel' going in that spot?

@RateVegs I believe you are correct. The pop-up wedding chapel is next to the Strip-side entrance, which is right where Droog was.

You'll still have to pay for the internet, haha!

You got me there. I deleted the Cosmo "wedding" announcement without reading it. We can't move their rooms, they snubbed us on opening night, so I confess it is the property I least keep up on. Obviously, they are doing very well without my support, LOL. (I get my mixology fix at Herbs and Rye or Encore when I'm not swilling Wild Turkey 101).

How permanent does this gimmick wedding chapel seem? Seems like a poor use of the location and could just be a placeholder.

WTF. There's a casino at this place, right? Henceforth, this jizz receptacle shall be known The Gimmick of Las Vegas.

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