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Skynyrd's Sweet Home Excalibur

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st December 2011 10:02am
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Remember the Lynyrd Skynyrd Beer & BBQ joint at Excalibur we told you about six months ago? Yeah, we almost forgot about it too, well... VT reader TwoFours stopped by a week or so ago and took some photos. It appeared that the restaurant (does this qualify as a restaurant?) was going through the last paces of play dates before opening.

If there is anything to be gleaned from Lynyrd Skynyrd's history it is to always take insurance. Kinda funny how Skynyrd has replaced the Confederate Flag with Old Glory in their iconography. The Duke boys would never repaint the General Lee.

Gimmie three steps mister, three steps towards the door. Welcome Skynyrd Nation! Wait... is there a Nation of Skynyrd? What's your name little girl, what's your name?

I wonder what Curtis Loew would think about the decor of this joint? I'll wager he'd love it. Waitress, I'll have the Free Bird Chyckyn Salad Sandwich with a "Needle and Spoon" appetizer and a side order of... ewww that smell, can you smell that smell?

Speaking of Daisy Dukes. Good to see that LSBBQ+Beer has the two basic boozegroups covered: beer on tap and frozen margadaquritas.

They sell merch. I like the pig shirts. The instutionally worn hats are suspect. Surprised the bills aren't pre folded into the three cornered tent like all the college age sports guys do.

I fully support the idea of a Lynyrd Skynyrd restaurant chain... I love rock n roll of nearly every stripe, but after seeing these photos I'm concerned that this thing is just a cash grab and not a true tribute to the rebel rock n roll spirit. Paging Gregg Allman...

I give this two years before the Skynyrd name quietly drops off the marquee and becomes a "Swamp House Cafe" or something.

Big thanks to VT motomeister TwoFours for sharing the pix!

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Comments & Discussion:

It appears to be Toby Keith's done in a Skynard theme. The good thing about those places is it does have a very average crowd, so if they get some live music in there regularly, it might be worth checking out.

I'm still looking forward to going here this weekend. Actually we get in Saturday evening and since our first night in Vegas is staying at Mandalay Bay, then we'll probably end up hitting LSBBQ&B the first night out there. I at least wanna grab a beer and hopefully see some hot chicks. I love torn up clothing....

They played a live concert last weekend as part of the grand opening that was broadcast live on SiriusXM. I didn't listen to it, but heard the promos for it throughout the week.

They have a permanent stage for live bands. Not sure if it is every night or just weekends. The main bar is on the far end of the restaurant which makes it a pain in the ass to get to (especially since you need to use the casino restrooms outside). The barbecue is actually pretty good. It is run almost like a buffet in that you are seated and order drinks, then get in line to order your food which is brought to your table. I am not sure the layout is going to work all that well when it gets busy. The blackjack tables are on the casino floor outside the entrance.


Another joint that I imagine will be nominated for "Worst Of" in the next Trippies, LOL!

"Surprised the bills aren't pre folded into the three cornered tent like all the college age sports guys do." Up north of the 40th we call that the Saskatchewan Wind Break

I may have to check this place out but sitting down and ordering drinks then getting in line to order your food then sitting back down so someone can bring your food to you seems asinine. I would lay odds that food will be ordered from your table in a month after people complain. Buffet rules only work in buffets.

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