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VT: The Shirt

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th December 2011 5:30pm
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The VT Shirt

Invariably, this time of year folks start asking us "where do I buy one of those mysterious VegasTripping t-shirts that I see people wearing." Last year, one of you freaks (who shall remain nameless) ordered 10 of em and gave them to his wife, two brothers, four kids, in-laws, parents and put two in his truck as a seat cover. THAT is dedication.... if only I could post the family photos he sent me. Hysterical.

Anyways.... we've got some shirts. The classic VT Logo Tee and for advanced trippers Emperor Wang's Impotent Palace logo T inspired by VT VIP club member #00001 Vespajet. We're probably going to design a coupla new ones next year.

A holiday merchtasm and thank you for your support!

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Comments & Discussion:

Mine gets a lot of wear and has held together... Perfect for sneaking into restricted casino areas and construction sites.

If this came in a V-neck I would get one, just sayin'.

Consider putting the website address on the back like Tim does with the Five Hundy shirt on your new designs when you do that. (please) Then I won't have to write it down for people anymore when they ask about the shirt.

Can we get a Hardy-vized version?

I have a fantastic new design for a shirt if you're interested.

Thats what my wife got me for Christmas last year. Bless her little heart.

Every time I come to Vegas I lose mine.

@brigee here's a v-neck

Yay, thank you!

I ordered a standard Vicky for Mrs. Misnomer, and mixed it up and got a long sleeve Vic for me.

@misnomer are you gonna cut the collar out all flashdance style?

^^ Haven't decided about the collar, but I'm definitely cutting holes to let my nipples breathe.

^^ aren't you worried about them chaffing against your members only jacket?

^^ Good point. What do you think, black electrical tape X's?

^^ I recommend little black electrical tape M's with LED lighting that changes colors.

^^ I don't have anything to add, just wanted to use the little up arrows again..... oh and maybe "ewwwww"

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