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Keeping Up With The Kardashians on New Years Eve

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st December 2011 8:59am
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I've just finished updating our New Years Eve listings for 2011/2012 and besides feeling like I need to take a muriatic (or lysergic diethylamide) acid bath, I noticed that not one, not two, but THREE Kardashians will be hosting at three different nightclubs owned by three different companies in three different resorts on New Years Eve.

Chateau = Kourtney. Tryst = Rob. Tao = Kim.

For fucks sake, please Please PLEASE Las Vegas... MAKE IT STOP!

Two words: David Bowie.

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Yeah, Khloe drew the short straw and has to work the counter at Kardashian Khaos over at the Mirage.

Khloe probably could have hosted at Pure, but they decided to have a convicted domestic abuser host their party instead.......

If an asteroid were to hit Vegas and wipe it out completely, NYE would be the ideal time to do so.....

Actually, Khloe is scheduled to appear in a series of grainy photos in the Pacific Norhwest. Because that's what Bigfoots do.

Oh, and posting about the Kardashians keeps them in the public eye. You are part of the problem.

Khloe is actually scheduled to appear down the strip at at New York New York, where she will climb the Empire State Building and pound her chest while swatting away airplanes.

If you already werent positive Wynn has become the douchebag capital of Las Vegas having Rob Kardashian host a NYE event there should leave no doubt in your mind

Calling Area 51. It's time to loose the critters!

Why would i want to hang out with any of them?

^whiners (except Mr. Hoss)

Scott DickHead ....look up the definition of douchebag and his picture will be right there. That dude used to be a surfer bum pothead and now look at him. I saw a picture of the Kardashian family on the log ride at Disney and let me tell you, they look like a LOT OF FUN to hang out with. They all sat there in the log with frozen looks on their face like they weren't sure what was going on. Like a bunch of emotionless statues hopped on the ride.

Oh and the hilarious NYNY Comment about Khloe - they are making the video game RAMPAGE: TOTAL DESTRUCTION into a movie.....I wonder if she'll be Toro....

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