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Caesars Octavius Tower Unveiled

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 16th December 2011 2:50pm
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Caesars Entertainment invited the local newspaper folks to come tour the soon-to-open Octavius Tower.

The Octavius Tower, announced during the height of the '00s building boom, was scheduled to open in 2009. After topping out the hotel tower and the economy went sour, Caesars (then Harrah's decided to mothball the project until hotel demand rebounded.

And rebound it did... but not after the launch of City Center and Cosmopolitan, two resorts which ushered in a new, modern takes on the traditional casino resort. Since Octavius Tower was left unfinished on the inside, Caesars was able to take some of the ideas and techniques seen in their upstart neighbors and apply them when the time came for applying the finish.

Some Octavius Tower room renderings, which were ferreted out by Mac89103 back in May, revealed mash up of sci-fi modern and classic French design sensibilities that underwhelmed us.

The actual rooms and hotel hallways - viewable in the slide show linked from this article - reveal Cosmopolitan's design influence on the final touches of Caesars Palace's Octavius Tower... specifically the outrageous green Victorian floral meets 1974 damask wallpaper in the hotel corridors. Whoa. It certainly looks interesting. Perhaps a little too interesting.

I appreciate the playfulness of the tilt-shift cherub photographs and the ionic column lamps. I also appreciate that the playfulness didn't lead to placing one of these in the room (even though I lust for one in my home.) But the banquette? Why turn a semi-elegant hotel room into the jump seat of a Packard? Was this part suggested by the knuckleheads on Man Caves? Where's the switch that makes the wall turn around to reveal a reproduction jukebox that runs off of an iPod?

I wonder if the place still smells like mothballs.

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Comments & Discussion:

Very interesting indeed. It does look at though the tub is just like the ones in the Augustus Tower (which I stayed in last weekend). The CBS affiliate in Las Vegas has posted a really nice video of the various rooms.


The surprise to me was that it is now being touted as a boutique hotel w/i a hotel. Apparently it has it's own valet and registration area. I'm not sure if guests are going to come in on the VIP side entrance of the Augustus tower or whether they have built a separate area in back. I suspect they realized the walk was just too long from the main entrance for their higher end quests to make comfortably, since I don't think this was the original plan. Also sounds like the shortest way to the casino is going to be to cut through the pool area.

I just don't understand the appeal of Caesars given their rates.

Right now I'm pricing out three nights in April. I can spend $260 at Paris vs. $1,170 for a bottom-of-the-line "Classic" room in the crappiest tower at Caesar's. Honestly, you've got to be kidding me.

Someone please tell me what I'm missing here.

@Drake You can get cheap rates if you time your trip right. If you go during a slow period like between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can score some deals. I was out there last weekend and booked back in late September. I originally booked a Forum Tower Deluxe room for three nights for $224 using a Total Rewards rate (Sunday night was comped) and I had barely put any action on my card this year. When I checked in, I was offered an upgrade to the Augustus Tower for an additional $40 a night (plus taxes). I couldn't even get three nights at the Golden Nugget that cheap for that weekend, even in the Carson Tower.

When I got home, I decided to see what the rates were for some prospective dates in the Spring and for the Augustus Tower, they wanted as much for one night as I had paid for three.

Caesars Palace is a bit overpriced especially since their low-end rooms aren't much better than the rooms at Harrah's or the Flamingo that at a TR rate are significantly cheaper than CP.

Nice to see some tech in a Ceasars room. Watch their shit work when Cosmo is still fucking up everything on an hourly basis. OTSS, mothershitters!

The rates at Caesars are always out of line, as evidenced by their perennial low value ranking. However, I find that other boutique hotels like MGM's THEhotel can sometimes be worth the extra cost. We really need to see how this works in practice before a decision can be made.

If the Octavius Tower guests use the glass hallway between the Garden of the Gods and the Lago buffet, it'll be a fairly short walk to the casino. I'm a die-hard Caesars fan, but nothing stands out to me about these new rooms. Now the villas, on the other hand...

Who thought it was ok to bring Lime Green back, it should have been left in the 70's with the lime green ovens and washing machines. Also a like disappointed the rooms are not very Roman themed.

Those halls are a mess. My first thought on the banquette was "What?" but, on further consideration, I think it could be an interesting addition to the room.

A nice off white scheme would have worked in the hallway..that just looks..weird..

The room carpet is not a fave..but the bathrooms look good..and the seating areas are well done..let's see if the rates hold, since these are now the newest rooms in Vegas..

I think it looks Roman enough. It hasn't been de-themed.

But yeah, there's a clear use of abstraction and repurposing of Roman motifs and rearranging them in a modern/quirky/Cosmo-esque way.

as Vespajet mentioned, you can find Caesars at decent prices during their downtime. May and June often have low rates too, but typically you have to be looking regularly in February and March, since HET plays with their rates so much based on Total Rewards and occupancy.

As far as design goes, the sheer absurdity of how Caesars has added on is almost it's own kind of charm in my opinion. How many resorts can claim so many different additions over their history.

I was just there on Saturday on a tour of one of their new villas and it just feels tacky and way too far from the casino, and even further from the high limit areas where a villa guest might like to play.

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