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Tool at Mandalay Bay January 15, 2012

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 15th December 2011 9:49pm
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Grab your blast helmets lunatics, avant metal freak out legends TOOL have scheduled one show for 2012. In Las Vegas. At the Mandalay Bay Event Center.

These guys aren't weirdos. They're super weirdoes. Angular, melodic, dense, spacious, horrifying, gorgeous, discordant, atmospheric, sensitive, impenetrable. Wholly original.

Here's 90 minutes of it from a gig in New Orleans... best to watch at full screen. Lit.

Like whoa... could this be the gig of the year? BIG thanks to @dunebug81 for the Tweet tip.

Tickets are available on TicketBastard.

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Come on DC/Balmer date *hopes*


This is the one area for which I prefer to be entertained by a Tool rather than a Bush.

The day after everyone will have left from CES. Who plays their "only show of 2012" on a Sunday following the busiest week of the year in that city?

Isn't the Adult Entertainment Expo the same week as Jan 15?
Tool was the first concert I went to on my own as a teenager at the ripe age of 15. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The Melvins opened for them and they were awful. Tool puts on a pretty good show. I wish them and NIN would tour together.

^^ouch. The Melvins are probably the most consistently great "metal" bands out there and they have been doing it great for almost 30 years. The reason that they opened for Tool is because Tool asked them to. Musicians have high regards for the Melvins and your average music listener is still not ready for them I guess. I have seen them live at least 6 times and they remain the best live band that I have ever seen.
I never liked Tool. Mainstream, major label and not too exciting. Bring on High On Fire or Sleep and we'd be talking!

Huh huh Tool.....

@saharalv buzz is a friend of mine (although i haven't talked to him in about 10 years) great guy, great band. Tool had Meshuggah open for them a few tours ago as well.... that would've been awesome to see.

Chuck, we are all based in L.A. now. Let's have a jam sesh!
Buzz and Dale seem like really good guys. I used to bother them all of the time before their shows (unfortunately missed seeing them with Joe Preston). I hope that they don't remember me.
My fav is their "Lysol" cd. Yours?

I'm almost willing to make a roadtrip out there from NY to see them. They're already sold out around here. Have seen them 5 times and they never disappoint.

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