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Editorial: The Nightclub Defense

By MikeE on Tuesday, 13th December 2011 12:05am
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We love to hate. I do especially. I *love* coming up with any synonym for vaginal cleansers to describe the nightclub crowd. I think we all do. And we're real riled up right now because our beloved Wynncore is undergoing some major pardoning of dust to accommodate them.

Oh man. Remember when Surrender first opened? We declared it the end of Encore. And yeah, when it first did open, the casino was a mobbed mess as they sorted table service patrons from table games. But that was then. Things are running a lot smoother now...

I arrived at Encore on a Tuesday night some weeks ago. In my memory, I hadn't ever arrived on a day that dead. I was looking forward to the quiet casino. No XS, no Surrender. Next door, Blush was all boarded up and Tryst wouldn't be open for another two days. Not a single nightclub open anywhere in Wynncore. Finally, perhaps the first time in at least a few years, I'd have a blackjack table to myself without the faint "oontz," without the bare feet and leopard skin dresses declassing the joint, and not a single cheap fedora in sight.

I broke even, I made some fleeting friendships, and I got shit-hammered. It was fun.

Then came Wednesday. Surrenderday around these parts. My goal was to move over to Wynn to avoid the crowd. Like I said, I hate them. I *love* to hate them. I want to focus my energy on gambling - the original lifeblood of the city. These kids know nothing about it. They can't even appreciate it.

But early in the evening, I took a seat at a $10 table at Encore with decent rules fully expecting to move over to Wynn as the crowds came in. And sat there I did. High fives were given and strangers became best friends early on. The nightclub crowds occupied the place, but it wasn't hurting my buzz. Nope. In fact, eye candy was everywhere. The dealers more quick-witted than any of us could ever be pointing our attention to every, in their words, "hot mess" that strolled through. I sat there until 3am, my $600 buy in down to $200. I took my two black chips and bought in at a pai gow table even closer to Surrender. As the skank parade (™ FiveHundy) made their exits, the hilarity of the whole evening multiplied.

I never stepped out of Encore that evening. And I lost my $600. But you know which night was more fun? Wednesday. Surrenderday. A TON more fun. And I would have hated to admit a year ago, but it was because of the nightclub crowd.

It's fun to trash them and sometimes we even let them get under our skin, but seriously, do the douches even matter when you're a couple drinks in? Is it nothing but spectacular entertainment? It's people-watching on steroids. Can we unglue our eyes from the occasional fisticuffs that form as the freak show makes its way towards the taxi stand? It's cheaper than a UFC fight and almost always more entertaining.

The next morning, Encore was a completely different place: serene, tranquil, relaxing - a vibe that I'll stay at Mandarin or Four Seasons if I wanted that for my entire stay. Sometimes you need a nightclub to balance things out.

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If you're out of turd polish, I know where you can get some more. I have friends in PR.

^^ middleclassbuzz, happy birthday. figured you might like it better in the VT comment section than fb.

Also, good editorial, Mike.

I love you, Mike. 4evs.

Yeah dude I could definitely pull up a chair to ANY nightclub entrance and people watch all night long. So many "OMG who let her out of the house like that?" moments. So many outfits that don't fit. More importantly I like sitting back going "Wow, they're going to pay $50 to wait in line for 2 hours, then finally get inside an hour before the club closes. THAT sounds like a nighttime of fun to me."

I'm in agreement with you Mike, there are clowns everywhere, it's the nature of the city. The beauty of things is that you can find some quiet places at times, but that you can also find a spot full of energy.

I'm not a nightclub hater like most I see on the forums, there is a place for it and a need for it. All one had to do is visit the city before there were any nightclubs on the strip to know that it's a much better place with them. As far as hating on the crowd, well some people just don't like others, I'd tell them to walk by the patio barrier by Margaritaville a couple times over a trip and after seeing three days in a row middle aged dudes trying to give high fives to everyone walking by and damn near falling over the rail, you realize, it's not exclusively the nightclub people that act like clowns.

During my last trip to Vegas, my wife pointed out that every club-going female was wearing essentially the same black mini-dress. After that, it was actually quite funny to see them all in uniform...didn't matter what property we were at...the uniform was consistent.

On our last trip, my wife basically said the same thing. "How many styles of tiny dresses are there, espcially the little black dress?" It was fun people watching at Cosmo on a saturday night.

interesting implication of the wonderful people-watching - it makes the corner seats at the tables so much more valuable from a line-of-sight perspective. enjoyed this Saturday night at Cosmo myself.

Thanks Mike for putting some logic into a often emotional subject. Aside from the pot pissers and a few other immature acts, the casinos are large enough to absorb the clubbers into the crowds.

Its true the clubbers make great people watching & eye candy but what I think pisses off a lot of the people that get pissed off over it is not the clubbers but what their being there does to the vibe at Wynn. Alot of people got used to Wynn being "serene, tranquil, relaxing " like you said Mike. they were his loyal customers and now its like Wynns said F U to them. used to be if you wanted watch loud clubbers you went to Plams or HardRock etc. but when you wanted class you could get away from the crass at Wynn but not anymore and thats what people resent moreso than the clubbers they resent the clubbers being at WYnn and Wynn killing the vibe it used to have. It got its reputation being the place in Vegas that was ""serene, tranquil, relaxing " when the rest of Vegas was crazy..and now its the Hard Rock with higher prices.

Interesting take Mike. A few Wednesdays from now I'll try and see your perspective.
Perhaps I'm way too much of a snob but I'd rather see more gentlemen from Buenos Aires in Armani with commensurate companionship than all the LBDs in line at the clubs.
First time I was ever at Wynn back when it opened there was a Japanese man (50yrs old?, 75?)so distinguished you almost wanted to bow and he had with him as good looking a woman as one will ever see....anywhere. I was sold from that day on. Class.
I don't want that gone as MO and FS are just not Vegas to me.
Really good read though, thanks.

I too love to hate the club crowd, but also agree that it is fun to pick on them (or in some cases gamble with them). They are really the easiest people to pick on, and usually they don't get it, if you are funny like Misnomer, anyway.

My wife went to Vegas in August with a couple girlfriends for a b-day party, they clubbed every night, when she got home she said, "no more clubs". She made every vinegar and water joke possible. But she still loves Vegas and says it may be more fun to hang with me at a lounge and pick on the broads in 5" heels (like she wears) and black mini uniforms. I'm sure we will go to a club sometime, they can be fun. Smaller clubs, with bands and humans.

Still not wearing a fedora tho, Vespa, yer pork pie is kewl in my book

Heh. I call those outfits "sausage dresses." So comically worth watching, especially when combined with the heels nobody can actually walk in. And especially when there are multiple sausage girls linked together in a little chain, keeping each other upright as they totter along. :)

I prefer a bit of club vibe in my casino--it keeps things feeling a little unpredictable and full of possibilities, which can be a good thing in the ever-so-serene Wynn/Encore environment. Just as long as I can go upstairs afterwards and sleep in a nice dark room with no stray sub-bass (sometimes a challenge at places like Wynncore and Cosmo)!

I never associated "Wynne" with "class" so I'm not sure what to make of it.

But I agree, the club douche/choad crowd has its place, just like the other weird subgroups and demographics you find in Vegas. I had a group of club choads saddle up next to me at a craps table one time, and lo and behold, one of them got stupid drunk hot with the dice. If you can make me money, you are welcome in any casino I'm in, any time.

Nts, nts, nts, nts, nts, nts...

To your point, I agree that the club crowd can be amusing to people watch and, for better or for worse, does have a place in Las Vegas...it's just that when criticizing Wynn, the clubbers are the easiest and most fun aspect to go pick on when really, I think what makes many of us that are critical of Wynn angry is what seems like a tidal shift in the philosophy of how the place is run; whether or not this is attributable entirely to Marilyn Winn-Spiegel is debatable, though I tend to think it is not.

Rather, I think it is a reaction to the tidal change in the economy. The original business model on which Wynn was built, that there was an ever-expanding market of well-to-do customers who wanted fine dining, serenity and refinement when visiting Las Vegas, and initially Wynn provided them this rarified refuge. But once the economy turned to shit, I think Steve realized that to keep running at the high standards he prides himself on, he had to cast a wider net, and as a result, you have the ever-increasing focus on the club crowd. Maybe the "old" Wynn crowd will stick around, or maybe many will sooner or later realize that things have change and move on, as I recently did myself. But arguably the sad fact of the matter is, their opinions don't matter because it seems there weren't enough of these types of customers to keep the place profitable in the new economic reality. But there's also probably hope that, if and when the economy comes back, that Wynn will once again transform itself back towards what it once was...after all, if there's one thing Steve is known for, it's his willingness to continually tinker with his resorts. Who knows, if the economy ever recovers, maybe he will probably develop a new, even more luxurious resort and leave Wynncore as the nightlife "paradise" it has become. Only time will tell...

But, for me personally, the biggest change at Wynn that bothers me is what I see as the systematic and ongoing decline in the diversity and quality of the restaurants it offers; when it opened, Wynn was arguably the new mecca for fine dining on the strip. However, over the last year, I think it has allowed itself to be eclipsed by newcomers like Cosmopolitan, and even re-eclipsed by old stalwarts like Bellagio and MGM Grand that didn't let the quality of their food and beverage operations decline as a result of budget cutting, which is where I think the Marilyn Winn-Spiegel influence has really been felt since she was installed at Wynn...

But to echo what Wrinklebottom posted earlier, "...now it's the Hard Rock with higher prices"...well, maybe more accurately it's becoming the Hard Rock with higher prices and better service, as I will give Wynn that, the place does still provide some of the best service around.

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