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Star Wars: The Lost Las Vegas Scene

By Misnomer on Friday, 9th December 2011 2:44pm
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Exclusive! Just uncovered! The long rumored deleted scene from the 1977 classic film Star Wars that features Las Vegas!

The scene is part of a subplot that was abandoned when the movie incurred budget overruns during filming. Early drafts of the film called for Luke Skywalker to travel across the vast Tatooine desert to the city of "Las Vegas". There, Skywalker was to battle the evil Sith Lord Darth Loveman and prevent construction of a massive Imperial weapon known as the "Sky Wheel".

Instead, the impressionable young farm boy bellies up to a bar at the Cosmos hotel and casino, where a practitioner of the dark art of mixology serves him several Blue Lightsaber cocktails (Ginger Beer, Blue Milk, Corellian Fire-Water). Intoxicated, Luke stumbles into the sportsbook, where he loses 200 Galactic Credits on the pod races. Broke, and having failed his mission, he is forced to rent a gimpy bantha for the long ride back to Obi-Wan Kenobi's.

Unfortunately, most of these scenes were never filmed. All that remains of this subplot is a short, two and half minute clip showing Luke at the beginning of his journey to Las Vegas. The clip opens with a sandcrawler speeding by Skywalker, its Jawa driver presumably in a hurry to get his droids to market. Luke's plight briefly improves when a group of nomadic landspeeder customizers stop to offer him a ride. However, he quickly realizes that the speeder's operator insists on driving painfully slow, and given that Las Vegas is still 426,000 astronomical units away, the voyage would take a full Coruscant orbit to complete!

Here it is, for the first time - the deleted Star Wars Las Vegas scene. May the Force be with you!

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Help us, Misnomer. You're our only hope.

Another fine example of George Lucas' incredible talent of writing superb dialogue.

A Long Long Time Ago In A Far Out Galaxy...

I saw Corvette Summer in the theater. I am not kidding. I was in that sixth-grade phase when my heroes were Mark Hamill and Andy Gibb. Thank God, Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi showed up a year or so later and put me on a more constructive path.

Corvette Summer may be one of the most important influences on my adult life. It came out the year after I had graduated high school and was a pretty good depiction of nerdy gearheads in the auto body class. For some reason Mr. Prieto let me customize my 1970 Cyclone in class. So it had "Starbird flares", brown metallic Imron and a gold metallic stripe on the sides. I was Corvette crazy at that time. But the Cyclone was good enough until I could come up with one.
I think it helped incubate many of the things that I am attracted to today. I wound up buying a burgundy 1974 Corvette, by happenstance, and keep it as part of the "fleet". I don't drive it much, but I like having a Corvette from the era. I'm so crazy for little brunettes with wavy hair that it's about the only type I am attracted to and am married to one now. This movie, along with the original Ocean's 11 set my fascination for Las Vegas, which has turned into the obsession I have today.
Here's to "Corvette Summer". One of the great movies of all time!!!

The 1973 Stingray from the movie is in a little Corvette shop & museum in Effingham, Illinois, should you ever find yourself passing through. I've seen it. It's pretty cool. Here's a link. Click on "1973 Movie Car".


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