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STK Hosts Bush Singer

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 7th December 2011 2:46pm
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Way back before Cosmopolitan opened, their website touted that STK restaurant was a celebrity hotspot. We gave them guff. This week they sent out proof of their celebrity status - a photo of the singer of neutered Smashing Pumpkins/Nirvana clone band Bush on the verge of slicing into a pathetic looking filet mignon with a knife bedazzled in $15,000 worth of diamonds.

STK Bush

Honestly. Bush? Because Live, Creed, Seven Mary Three, Collective Soul and Jars of Clay weren't available?

Good god they suck.

I just can't get my head around this celebrity stuff, probably because I'm a grown up. But then again, BUSH fits my demographic of mid-90's rock. Does STK really think that by sending around a photo of this guy needling at a lonely looking steak makes anyone want to eat there? No, it doesn't. In fact, it works to the opposite... if your restaurant requires that you call in a D list rock star who wasn't even a footnote in the history of rock even (at the height of his popularity) means you should go somewhere else.

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Comments & Discussion:

I think the use of celebrities is pathetic in general, and not just the use of the d-listers.

You forgot Nickelback.

I'm with you. I'm always looking for fluff to run, but I couldn't delete this one fast enough. I don't think Robin Leach ran this one, and he'll run anything.

Even if there was no celebrity, that plated steak is embarassing.Why bother with the ganish and get a larger plate while your at it.

Last year, we had steaks there, and Scotty Nguyen was there with an entourage having drinks. Advertising a picture of him in your restaurant would be more modern & popular than alt-rock Bush.

WTF is he wearing? It looks like a cross between a Members Only jacket and the paint smock I had in kindergarten.

Eating there once was one time too many. Extremely poor service with an attitude and food no better than Outback. Is this a joke?

I've sold Scotty Nguyen prescription drugs before. He definitely shouldn't be drinking. At all.

Also, love this article. I wanted to fucking puke when I heard that band playing the 'hip' property in town, then it got worse when I heard about this 'appearance.'

Did Rosdale eat most of the steak before the picture was taken? And when was Bush hip?

Well, their new song is making a decent splash in the play and sales charts, and they've been touring this fall, so I guess they're kinda back. Weird pic though.

They're back so 30-something dickheads can hear 'Everything Zen' and do Jägerbombs and reminisce about when it was real. Oh, and make money. Gavin (poncey name that not even Spinal Tap would use) should let his wife to the artistic stuff. At least she has talent.

No one ever said Bush was hip. Ever.

That shirt he's wearing looks like something I'd get tangled up in trying to take on/take off.

+1 for the 7M3 reference. I went to high school with two of them, including the lead singer. The very definition of douchebaggery.

haters gonna hate.

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