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Q: What Do Alberta Canadians And Aria Have In Common?

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 1st December 2011 1:26am
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What do Alberta Canadians and ARIA Have In Common?

Beer? Check.

Pocket Parks? Check.

White Stuff? Check.

Wide open spaces with few humans? Check.

Concern for your involuntary respiration? Check!


The Alberta tourism board has adopted "remember to breathe" as their marketing slogan, plastering it on vaguely ARIA-ish commercial currently running in basic cable's crunchiest nooks and crannies.

Y'know what? It still sucks.

Kinda makes me think that there is an advertising agency out there that pitches this one slogan to all of their potential clients. Hey, if REO Speedwagon can make a 30 year career out of one song, more power to em.

Speaking of ARIA... remember this?

And bring on the Canadians bearing wise ass comments:

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Juuuust sayin'

In Alberta, shouldn't it be "Remember to close your mouth when you breathe"?

Is that an eskimo lady? Do eskimos live in that part of Canada?

I'm pretty sure that's not an "eskimo lady." However, there are "eskimo" ladies in every territory of Canada.

Wow, that Aria commercial seems even worse now, if that's possible. The whole first half of it, makes me think of all the other places I could be besides Aria.

No Eskimos in Canada, sorry. That's an American term. Unless, of course, you count the Edmonton Eskimos Canadian Football League Team...

I'm sure the Albertan contingent will chine in at some point...

The current correct terminology is 'Inuit Peoples' and no, I don't think she is. Although she could be part native Canadian judging by the skin tone.

Both the commercials are shit. That's more of a Banff commercial then an Alberta commercial, there's not much dog sledding or mountains anywhere else in this province. Drunks on snowmobiles racing though the ditches along the highway? Yeah, that's what we've got lots of, but I don't think that would advertise very well...

Nothing I love more than yachting on the vast oceans of Las Vegas.

@hoss, the air here is clean especially in the Rockie Mountains
@rockchick likely a native, Eskimos are farther north

Travel Alberta has always been as lame as any marketing team including Aria and LVCVA. Cheese apparently sells.

I believe the Alberta Tourism Board is actually directing that commercial directly to the women surrounding @donnymac and myself, he's got the Edmonton area covered with his amazing beauty and back hair designs, and I got Calgary with my dry, sarcastic wit and great (tho tiny) ass....... or maybe cause the air really is clean here, certain areas near cattle farms aside, and it truly is a beautiful place to be. Now if only we had more casinos......

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