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Tower Suites: Private Elevators Aren't Enough

By MikeE on Thursday, 1st December 2011 12:49am
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Shortly after Surrender opened, the security detail outside Encore's Tower Suites beefed up. On more than a few occasions, I didn't just have to flash the room key, but had to clearly show the tiny font on the bottom-right of the card that read "Tower Suites" just to access the lobby. Apparently, this wasn't enough.

Minutes after arriving last Tuesday, I was checked in and headed straight towards the elevators. Having now gone through this process probably a dozen or so times since opening, I really wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. Almost like second nature, I walked towards the elevator landing, pressed "up," walked into the lift, hit floor 36, and stayed put. Huh? I hit my floor again to no avail. Apparently, now the elevator must read your room key before being unlocked. This was previously only the case with the Sky Casino floor.

I headed up to my room to find this letter on the nightstand.

Sure enough, I must have missed the sign at the elevator.

I suppose a little extra security is nice, but fumbling for my room key in the elevator got old fairly quickly. Plus, after the elevator registers it, you've only got a few seconds to find your room - a surprisingly difficult task considering these elevators service all 48 guest room floors. Expect Wynn to be no different once their Tower Suites renovations are completed and Jizz opens.

Okay, I'm nitpicking, but try to hit the right floor in time when you're shit-hammered. You'll understand my pain.

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Comments & Discussion:

Of course, all this does is make the elevators more difficult to use. It certainly does not improve security to the TS floors, as anyone can simply take the resort elevators up and just walk through the unlocked door at the end of each hall.

Socalduck, in my Wynn Tower Suite days I would take either the Resort Tower elevator or the TS elevator, whichever was closer. Then, as you pointed out, just walk through the unlocked door separating the two sections.

Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood has Security at the elevator lobby entrances who has to swipe each guest's key card into a reader. Of course, it's a much smaller operation with each elevator lobby serving only 200 rooms.

Luxor has required room key to access guest floors, agreed it's a pain in the ass, especially after some beverages. I much prefer the presence of a security guard, checking keys. I know it's not cost effective, but if Bellagio can do it 24/7 still, then I have to believe a property like Wynn should be able to.

I've had to do this in NY several times. Even though it sounds like not a big deal, after a few cocktails it can be a real pain in the butt, especially if you have other guests lobbying to punch their button.

Originally Wynn TS doors were always closed between Resort and TS sides and one needed a room key to access the TS hallway from the Resort hall. It probably was a hassle to housekeeping and now they're almost always open.
Mike, did you notice if they'd closed the door in the hall to the Resort side? Or are they just concerned with the Surrender crew accessing from downstairs?

@socalduck Yes, but key-controlled elevator access SOUNDS impressive and adds another item to their bulleted list of benefits to convince you that the same room on the opposite side of the floor is worth $50+ more per night.

A bit off-topic - how is the Sky Casino card-access restricted? I thought state law forced all public gaming spaces to be open access to all...

Wynn had to leave open the Resort and Tower separation doors because of fire code issues. At Encore, the double doors separating the sides swing both ways and do not lock. This allows seamless entry and exit, however, few Resort guests look for more than their own elevators and the ice machine. While in the Tower Suites give a false sense of privacy, especially with this new key card thingy, in reality, the entire set up works nicely.

A5RoadDog, you actually could access the Sky Casino if you take Resort elevators to the top floor and walk across, but be prepared to be met by security once the door is opened. That said, I believe Nevada law *does* allow private gaming for those with credit lines of $300K and up which is the minimum requirement for Sky Casino access.

@MikeE: You're right about the law. Anyone with a $300k line has access to private gaming. Another quirk is that anyone can gamble in any hotel's casino, meaning that for example, even if you are not an Encore guest, you can gamble at their poolside tables or in their Sky casino.

What a sad commentary this is on how much the focus on the unruly club crowd has changed the atmosphere at Wynncore from what it once was...

I can't help but wonder, like bigdaddy alluded to, if this isn't just a band aid for the TS guests who are run over by the clubbers and hammered by the music reverbing upstairs.
I have alwys preferred Wynn TS, even before the re-do, but if it gets "clubbed" I'm gone.

I'm surprised the key doesn't activate your floor when you insert it. That must be technologically possible and frankly it's something I'd expect to see in a room-key-activated elevator at Wynn. They're a real pain in the ass when your hands are full.

I think I've stayed at ETS three times or so since Surrender opened and I can't say that I've ever been inconvenienced by the club or the crowd. I appreciate that there have probably been instances that have led to additional security at the elevator or the occasional guard at the door, but the adjustments they've made aren't a bother.

Doing this must be a pain when you have had a number of adult beverages and are trying to stumble up to your room to collapse.

Sounds like a Hellish existence, Mike. How should I pray in order to help you with this problem?

Drake, I'd have to believe that might be a security issue, if you lost your hotel key, it would give someone finding it (or if they stole it) a head start on what floor it works on. I know it's a stretch, but that would be my guess as to why it doesn't light up the floor.

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