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By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 1st December 2011 4:21am
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Judas Priest

One of my all time favorite movies is "Rock Star." It is loosely based on the life story of Tim "Ripper" Owens, singer of an Ohio based Judas Priest tribute band who ended up replacing his idol Rob Halford as Judas Priest's front man.

In this scene Chris (Mark Wahlberg) and Emily, his girlfriend/manager (Jennifer Aniston) arrive from Ohio at the Los Angeles mansion of Steel Dragon guitarist Kirk Kuddy (Dominic West) to meet the band and audition for the job.

When I was 5 I wanted to join the Beatles, at 10 the Stones and at 15 Iron Maiden. I've always viewed my participation in the Vegas Gang as the moment when I finally did 'join Judas Priest.' Seriously, nobody shreds the casino industry better than Hunter Hillegas, Dr. David Schwartz and Jeff Simpson.

In this scenario, I'm not Rob Halford, or Glenn Tipton, or KK, or even on stage, I'm the guy who brings out a freshly tuned Flying V, a cold beer and some interstitial idiocy between their epic parries and thrusts. Occasionally, I'm little more than a mic stand.

Simpson on the Mic

I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Not only do I get to sit on stage, I get to go backstage and to the aftershow parties - discussions full of details so juicy (and so off the record) you'd think you were Steve Wynn's tighty whities.

As Hunter posted earlier this evening, our dear friend and Vegas Gang lead guitarist Jeff Simpson underwent emergency heart surgery in Las Vegas late last week. Hunter has been in constant contact with Jeff's family regarding his status and they want his friends, readers and fans to know that he is in critical, but stable condition. Hunter will be posting further updates on Jeff's progress as they become available.

It wouldn't be Jeff Simpson if his recovery wasn't lenghty, complex and full of anecdotes, asides, tangents and digressions. And it wouldn't be Jeff Simpson if he didn't take the time to explore and examine all that he encounters along his path to recovery. And it wouldn't be Jeff Simpson if we didn't learn a helluva lot through his experineces.

Right now would be a great time for you to gather up some of that gambling mojo you've been storing up in your bones and telepathically send a run of great points (with max odds) to The Ox, he needs 'em.

Oh and Jeff, there is no parking in the ICU. Come home, you oxymoron.

Photo of me and Jeff from VIMFP courtesy @dribbleglass.

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Comments & Discussion:

Get Well Soon Jeff!

Praying for you, Jeff!

Prayers coming from Illinois. I'll be sure to keep them going out in Vegas on Sunday

Hang in there, Jeff! Your best prognosticating days are ahead of you!

Thoughts and prayers and unicorns for you, Jeff! Get better soon, buddy. We have many more awkward handshakes in our future.

Bummed about this news. Get well soon, Jeff.

Jeff, we're all thinking about you and hoping for a quick and full recovery. Hang in there, pal.

P.S. I wondered if something was wrong with you after you made no comment on the redundancy in this LVRJ headline yesterday: "Las Vegas' McCarran Airport passenger traffic continues upward ascent."

Prayers and good thoughts going out to you, Jeff. So glad you did the extended Vegas Gang interview with Hunter. You let us all share in your fascinaing life experiences. Speedy recovery so we can hear your rich voice again, and enjoy it when you hold media's feet to the fire.

Thanks to you & Hunter for posting this. Hoping Jeff has a speedy and full recovery. Sending good thoughts to him & the rest of the Vegas Gang.

Also, Chuck, don't sell yourself short. You're the bestest mic stand around.

I have always loved Jeff's fantastic insight on my favorite town. Get better soon, Jeff!

Very saddened by the news, get well soon Jeff, my thoughts are with you.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way, Jeff.

Get well soon Jeff!

Keeping him in my thoughts, where he's sure to find many things to comment on once he's better. :)

You're in my thoughts and prayers, Jeff.

Jeff, lots of people are pulling for you. More than you'd ever imagine. Get well.

We're all pulling for you, Jeff! Get well soon!

(BTW, "Ralph" - the guy leaving the audition before Marky Mark gets his chance, is Steel Panther's Michael Starr!)

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon!

Get well Jeff!! Can't wait to read/hear your rambles again!!

This world needs you Jeff. Our prayers are with you.

Prayers to Jeff. Get well

Get well soon, Jeff. So many of us love your work and look forward to reading it to make our days better.

Be well Jeff..what you do is important and vital to so many of us..

Thank you Jeff.....RIP

RIP Jeff :(

Wow. This is horrible news. RIP Jeff.

R.I.P. Jeff - You will be missed.

So sorry to hear about Jeff's passing. My condolences to his family. God Bless.

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