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Climax, Apogee or Climaxx?

By MikeE on Monday, 28th November 2011 4:34pm
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Exclusive! Well, sort of maybe...

While spending a coupla' nights at Encore Tower Suites, I found myself shooting the shit quite easily with employees around the Wynncore properties. My icebreaker? "So, how 'bout that new nightclub Climax?"

Eye rolls, laughs, confusion - not one employee thought "Climax" was a good name. However, on more than one occasion - and each of those occasions specifying that this is only rumor - I was told that the club will actually be called the French word for "climax."

Okay, according to Google Translate, that word is "apogée" - a word I've sometimes heard in English, the utterance of which in conversation automatically makes you an asshole. But is the meaning lost in translation? Like, do the French say "apogée" as a synonym for orgasm like English-speakers do? Or does it simply mean the highest, most intense point before resolution? Because with no sexual connotation, movies apogée and literature apogées and symphonies do too. And without that sexual connotation, it'd be a terrible name for a nightclub.

Perhaps they're considering a more literal translation but something tells me "Orgasme/Sperme: The Nightclub at Wynn" isn't going to work.

Regardless, if these rumors are true, I'd say "Apogée" is still an infinitely better name than its English equivalent.

Hate to pull the thread out of Mike's yarn, but Wynn Resorts has submitted trademark protection paperwork for "Climax" (and two weeks prior "Climaxx") they've also registered the domain names climaxlasvegas.com and climaxxlasvegas.com using a privacy cloaking service. Alas, the spunky name "Climax(x)" is looking sticky. - Ed

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Match Game Bonus Round: The extra X is for extra [blank].

I think "La Petite Mort" would be closer to what they are getting at, but that would never have a chance after even "Le Rêve" had to be spelled out for the masses.

@Dave702 "Chiasmus"

Me thinks perhaps this marks the apogee of the nightclub bonanza.

Apogee over un requin?

@dave X-tasy

@dave702 Criss Angel

Personally, I'd love to see this place done up like the milk-plus joint Alex and his droogs go to in A Clockwork Orange. I mean, can you really do better than that décor?

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