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VegasEats: The VT Recipe For Winner Cranberry Sauce!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 23rd November 2011 3:23pm
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Straight from the VT test kitchen comes our recipe for cranberry sauce which is guaranteed to make your family and friends be even more concerned about your Las Vegas addiction.

Cranberry Dice

Step 1: These are the ingredients you will need. 1 can of jellied cranberry sauce. 1 marshmallow. 1 knife. 1 can opener. 1 six sided die (to make sure you get the pips right.)

Cranberry Dice

Step 2: Cut the marshmallow in slices, cross ways. For better results, freeze them and use an electric slicer or paring knife to get the pips really clean, thin and round. I didn't do this.

Cranberry Dice

Step 3: Flatten slices with back of knife or rolling pin.

Cranberry Dice

Step 4: Cut out enough pips to cover two dice (about 40).

Cranberry Dice

Step 5: Carefully open can of cranberry sauce and coax the entire chunk to come out in one piece. Pro tip: cut a hole in the other end to break the vacuum and get it to slide out easy. If it breaks into pieces, you need to start over.

Cranberry Dice

Step 6: Stand cranberry chunk on end.

Cranberry Dice

Step 7: Carefully score slice marks in top that will turn chunk into long rectangle.

Cranberry Dice

Step 8: Slice the curves and let them fall away. Discard slices or for bonus points, turn them into playing cards (four aces etc.)

Cranberry Dice

Step 9: Cut rectangle of cranberry sauce into two dice sized cubes.

Cranberry Dice

Step 10: apply pips with a winning roll and serve.

Ok, so it looks like shit, but this is one of those cases where the worse it looks, the better. You are guaranteed to make your guests smile when you announce that "I made the cranberry sauce" and present to the table with drunken fanfare.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Comments & Discussion:

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I almost cut myself due to the lack of warning that knives are sharp. My attorney will be in touch.

I am thankful for the biggest fit of laughter I've had all day.

this would be the only way I would touch canned cranberry sauce.

Pure genius!

Outstanding! I have to agree that the 'messier' it looks, the better it looks, the ragged marshmallow edges work to make the dice look cooler in my opinion.

if you wanted neat pips you could stick round breath mints on! i love the whole concept!!!! happy thanksgiving to the whole vegas tripping gang!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Ferret kisses xoxo

You know a real dice player made this and took a picture of it when the dice are set up on a yo :) Happy Thanksgiving Chuck, VT and friends!

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