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Question: Which Las Vegas Resort Holds The Most Forbes Stars?

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 21st November 2011 3:09pm
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Which Las Vegas resort holds the most Forbes five star ratings? Go ahead, think about it... the answer might surprise you. Here's a hint:

Forbes Wynn Stars

So you've settled on an answer?

The answer is Mandarin Oriental.

Aria's sexy sister Mandarin Oriental has come away with THREE individual five star ratings in this years Forbes litmus test of hotels across the universe, winning for hotel, spa and restaurant - Twist by Pierre Gagniare.

I guess this explains why Wynn added the "casino resort" caveat to their trumpeting of the Alex-less awards they've won this year. Nice job poking a hole in the Picasso, Marilyn.

Mandarin Oriental was also voted "Best Hotel" by the VegasTripping editors in the 2010 Trippies Awards.

Big thanks to VT metallitipster JakeZ for bringing this little nugget to our attention.

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Comments & Discussion:

Technically they awarded separate 5 Star ratings to Wynn and Encore, so they have 4 individual 5 star ratings.

Blaming Marilyn is a bit harsh. Mandarin is one of the world's fancier hotel chains, which have otherwise all avoided Vegas as being too gauche.

Vegas megaresorts are glitzy, but they manage to pull it off by harnessing scale. If Wal-Mart wasn't unwilling to compromise on price, their stores would also give the illusion of being fancier than they already are.

Hotels like Mandarin do it by soaking a very small list of well-to-do people who can afford to compensate for the lack of scale, or the lack of a casino, or what have you. Comparing a casino hotel to a Mandarin or Ritz Carlton or what have you will always be a bit of an uphill stretch.

Also, the "casino resort" text has been up there on the Wynn page longer than that.

In last year's book, the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs won three five-stars for hotel, spa, and Primrose restaurant. It also won the hotel five-star for the fiftieth consecutive year.

Time Warner Center has 4 as well if you want to consider that 1 resort:
Mandarin Orient Hotel + Spa, per se, Masa

This discussion is about las vegas, not the rest of the world.

^^ You're welcome!

Uh, your article guessed that Mandarin was why Wynn has modified it's boasting down to "casino resorts." I brought up Colorado Springs simply because that's actually why. They tied with another hotel elsewhere. Hence clarification. Even with Alex, "one of the two best hotels in the world" isn't sexy.

Unless that harshin' wasn't directed at me, I dunno.

Jake, you're badass for finding/reporting all this stuff!

I think the plan should be to get Marylnn wynn Spiegel and Jim Murren hitched....and then to take a multi year honeymoon away from Las Vegas.

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