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The Sign

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 18th November 2011 5:04pm
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In the middle of VIMFP, sandwiched between the Vegas Gang podcast and Stump Dr. Dave, Admiral Hunter Hillegas with Mike E at his side and a gigantic cardboard box on the stage, beckoned me to come hither. With a short speech and a flick of his wrist that could teach David Copperfield and Steve Jobs a thing or two, the Admiral magically removed all of the air from the room and replaced it with a chorus of gasps.

The Sign

Beneath the shroud was a real life neon sign version of the VegasTripping logo.

The Sign

It made me cry. Only my wife knew how bad I've always wanted to have a sign like this hanging on the wall of our loft and the sound of her exclamation spoke perfectly what I was unable to say.

The Sign

I'm still speechless. And thankful.

The Sign

They even fixed the busted P... sorta.... after about an hour or so of illumination the "ping" starts to flicker ever so slightly. I love it.

The Sign

Hunter, Mike and anyone else who was involved in coordinating this masterstroke of making me cry in public, I know I've already told you guys a dozen or so times, but I thank you for your love, support and friendship. Without you guys, and the entire VT community, my life wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

Thank you.


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You're very welcome.

This might actually be the best gift ever given. Experiencing a serious case of neon envy. True friends, those.


Wow, that is really bad ass!

Nice work.

Hats off to the admiral on this one. He single handedly made for what was one of the most memorable moments I've had as a part of the VT family, and it couldn't have gone to anyone more deserving. Truly awesome stuff.


That's a beautiful sign. What a fantastic gift!

Totally cool. I remember the discussion about this on Twitter at some point either during or right after VIMFP.


There's no one more deserving of such a fitting gift.

This makes me feel very happy. Chuck, you deserve it!

That's awesome. Gonna make a great backdrop for this years trippie's broadcast

You should start selling them; I would buy one to put behind my bar in my basement...Congratulations!

Oh stop! I have to go with Hoss and say that you there isn't a single person more deserving than you. Enjoy it, Chuck!

Wow. Very, very cool.

So next year is the Vegas Vickie replica, right?

That is just awesome. Way to go guys.

Yes, that was an amazing moment

That is by far the kewlest thing ever!! Nice work to all involved and Chuck, you still rock man!!!

Very cool!

Dude that thing is friggin awesome! And whats even more awesome is that the Admiral found someone that still makes custom neon signs. I've been looking for someone local to make a sign for us forever, it's a dying trade...you have your own little piece of nostalgia.

RockChick - I used a company named Jantec Neon. They're in NC so not local to me but they were great and I'd recommend them to anyone. Very professional.


Outstanding gesture by Hunter, and well deserved gift to you Chuckmonster!

Really cool, both gesture and sign.


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