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Dickie DiPietro - The VT Interview Part II

By Misnomer on Friday, 18th November 2011 12:59pm
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Dickie DiPietro, Las Vegas Legend

Dickie DiPietro is a Las Vegas Legend. During a career spanning more than 56 years, Mr. DiPietro held every casino job imaginable. His stories bring to light a Golden Age in Sin City, and we are delighted that he has chosen to share some of them with us. Today, Mr. DiPietro recalls fond memories of a classic Las Vegas showgirl revue.

People ask me all the time - Dickie, were the showgirls back then as good lookin' as they say? And I always tell 'em the same thing - No. They were better lookin'. Absolutely beautiful. Like you couldn't believe.

I should know. You see, for a time, they had me working in the showroom at the Dunes. Back then, a showroom was nothing like it is today. Back then, when you came to see a show, it was big doin's. People dressed to the nines. And when you came to the show, they gave you something to eat. Not just any old grub either. You got a fancy, gourmet dinner. Top notch! Shrimp cocktail, steaks, prime rib. Lobster. And the veal scallopini - the best I ever ate. Just don't tell my mother. Truth is, when I started working the showroom, I was just a wiry little squirt. After a few months around all that wonderful food, well, let's just say I began to fill out! Cost me plenty in new suits, I tell you.

Anyhow, we had the best show in Vegas too. Such entertainment! The girls, each one was more beautiful than the last. Legs up to there. The fella that ran the show, Mr. Minsky, he made sure they stayed fit. Kept 'em away from all that gourmet chow, not like your old friend Dickie! He'd dress those dames in the most elaborate costumes too. All decked out in corsets, done up with feathers and sequins. And talented? You bet they were talented. Those girls knew how to work a dance routine like nobody's business!

We packed 'em in, night after night. At least we did, until the showroom down at the Stardust brought in a fancy showgirl revue of their own, all the way from Paris, France! Well, that caught the public's attention, as you could imagine. And all of the sudden, we found our showroom half full. We had to do something to get our crowds back, and fast!

But Mr. Minsky was a very smart man. He had a surefire plan to get folks to return to our show, and it was as brilliant as it was simple: Gazongas. Yeah, that's right, bazookas. You know, cantalopes? Coconuts, rib bumpers, Eartha Kitts. Num-nums. Torpedoes. I'm talking about bosoms. Mr. Minsky was going to introduce the topless showgirl to Las Vegas! That'd bring the crowds back, for sure!

So we start getting the word out - signs, billboards, newspapers, you name it. The showroom at the Dunes would be adding a topless showgirl to its revue. Come one, come all, and see a real fine set of splazoingas, right up close!

At first, it was just going to be that one girl who went topless. Otherwise, the show would go on as usual. As you can imagine, it wasn't easy to find a girl willing to show her whim whams back then, but we had one girl who agreed to do it - after Mr. Minsky reminded her she'd be the star of the show, of course.

So the night of that first show, I look out in the audience, and it's packed. Not an unsold seat in the place. And not just fellas either. It was men and women. Husbands and wives. Everybody'd turned out to see this new form of Vegas entertainment. And then, right as all the girls started taking their places behind the curtain, in walks the sheriff. And we got a problem.

Seems nobody'd cleared any of this with the law, and now here was the sheriff, threatening to shut us down if we showed so much as a single bare naked dairy pillow out in public. "Mr. Minsky," he said, "You cannot show the bare chest of a woman in this county. Try it, and I'll haul you all off to jail!"

Now we're in a bind! Five minutes before the curtain is supposed to go up, with a packed house, and we got no show. I looked out at the crowd. They're getting restless. They'd finished their steaks and their lobster, and they were ready for a show. The bus boys were clearing the tables, and we didn't have much time. For a second, I let my mind wander, and I thought about how much I'd rather be out there, unawares of our little problem with the law, and with a belly full of veal scallopini. "You gotta lay off that scallopini," I thought, "Cause you're gettin' top heavy."

Right then's when it hit me. The sheriff had said it was against the law to show the bare chest of a woman, but he didn't say nothin' about the bare chest of a man! I ran backstage and told Mr. Minsky my idea. He agreed, and besides, we had nothing to lose. Real quick like, they stitched me up in one of those feathered corsets. For good measure, I had one of the bus boys run back to the kitchen and grab two raw veal cutlets, which I slathered all over my tishomingos until they were glistening with beef fat, and then I shoved 'em under my deck guns to give 'em a boost. They stuck a feathered headdress on my head, and shoved me out there. And just like that, I was a star.

And that's the true story of how I became the first topless showgirl in Las Vegas. We carried on that way for a few weeks, until the county and the hotel came to an understanding, and they replaced me with a real woman. But if you ask anybody who saw those first few topless shows at the Dunes, they'll tell you - Dickie DiPietro's got the nicest set of titties that ever graced the Boulevard.

Dickie DiPietro is completely senile. None of the foregoing ever happened.

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i'm waiting for the next interview with ol' Dickey, when he tells us how the city was a lot better "before all the coloreds were allowed to use our water fountains"

I've never seen so many ways to say titties and not ever say titties (loved "deck guns" and "dairy pillows" the best)

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