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Sayonara Dept: More Bootyectomy at Treasure Island

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th November 2011 3:08pm
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Tis the season to sledgehammer casinos, fa la la la laaaa la la la laaaaa.

Treasure Island has ramped up the demolition of another section of famed Pirates Cove. The buildings atop the former Social House restaurant space and some of the surrounding areas are being demolished and renovated, presumably to pave the way for Senor Frogs the Mexican equivalent of Hooters.

Treasure Island Senor Frogs


Treasure Island Senor Frogs


Treasure Island Senor Frogs

That really hurts.

Big thanks to VT super uber tipster JakeZ for sending us the jpegs.

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You're super Über welcome!

Those motherfuckers.

Hope they do as well as the Starbucks.

Oh, my poor, beloved TI. I really wish MGM would've gone to the friendly neighborhood payday loan sharktank for quick $$$$ to finish CC rather than undersell you to the Ukrainian tyrant's husband.

I once endured so much grief, trying to convince my fellow Angeleno's (before the economy's implosion), TI was actually a worthy place to stay. People sneered it was a schlocky, scurvy-ridden shipwreck of a resort. But they didn't know any better. I really have a hard time putting it in words, but I felt comfortable here, enjoyed the restaurants, the surroundings, and so on. Though I will admit, that Ed Hardy nightclub was a shit stain, if not a pox on humanity.

But what absolutely baffles me, is that with all of Mr. Ruffin's talk of catering to a certain clientele (I'm thinking his target demographic is white people who also prefer Lake Havasu and the Redneck Riviera as vacation destinations) I can't believe the rates seem to rival Mirage, MGM Grand, and Mandalay Bay. Obviously, he's selling them. But I don't stay there anymore. It's felt different, even smelled different, since he took over.

But best of luck to him. I'm just curious if he's carrying over the same capital improvements philosophy he had at the New Frontier.


Tragic. This buffoon is no better than MGM Resorts in sterilizing the Las Vegas strip. And for what? More corporate crap?!?! Vegas is becoming nothing more than a sterilized, corporate show road. Who in their right mind goes to Vegas to eat at crap like Senor Frogs that is anything but exclusive? I'm guessing the same people who visit to do their world-class shopping at the Ross next to Dennys across from Monte Carlo.

After MGM sold Treasure Island (TREASURE ISLAND, NOT TI... The hell is TI!??!?! Like the hell is PH?!?! So effing stupid)... As I was typing, after MGM sold Treasure Island and the guy said he was looking to make it an affordable resort for regular Americans, I was thinking, okay. But no. As someone else already commented, Treasure Island costs just as much as anyone else on the strip and in fact more. Virtually all of MGM's properties are the same as Treasure Island for a room and more often than not cheaper. So the heck is going on at the dive?

Additionally, before Treasure Island was sold off they used to have a few slots that still took quarters. Of course they got rid of those. On top of that, last time I visited, which was a year to two years ago, the quarters I could no longer use due to them removing the quarter slots, the cashier wouldn't accept. They refused to accept my quarters to give me dollars to play the slots. Ridiculous.

I no longer visit that casino whatsoever.

And this is why we thank God that Ruffin never got his hands on Mirage.

Ruffin is a jackass who ran the Frontier into the ground (which in itself was a feat considering the Frontier has already been lame for decades before he took it over and somehow managed to make it even worse!), got lucky selling at the right time, and is now just completely fucking up Treasure Island as well...the real shame of it is MGM had actually just completed some decent room renovations there before he bought it. As for the "average American" schtick, I guess he's going after a market that is willing to pay for a decent room but wants cheap, low-quality generic eats and redneck entertainment while staying there? One can only imagine that all the lowbrow oriented changes he's making to the place are in anticipation of the fact that twenty years from now the rooms will not have been renovated since he bought the place and by then they will be in synch with the crapfest he's turned the rest of the property into...

@kkthxby3 In regards to the price at TI, you're right. It is more expensive than a lot of places on the Strip. We got one of those super awesome 1 bedroom suites at pHo for Christmas weekend for $100/night. Mind you it's a timeshare property but it's connected to a casino and closer to the strip than ARIA is. TI wanted $115+ for a regular small ass room. When I sorted my hotels on line by PRICE (Highest to Lowest), TI fell right under Venetian.

Listen Treasure Island, just because you're LOCATED next to a bunch of expensive hotels (or fake expensive Venetian) doesn't mean you can charge as much as they do.

Wouldn't mind if they change that whole Pirate's cove show again, as the dance numbers show they do now is just flat out boring. The original show of the two ships battling each other with more cannons and fireworks, was a lot more fun. Do like Sr. Frogs going in there. Just like Gilley's, or BB Kings next door, it is another good walk in alternative to the clubs.

The original pirate show was amazing. The ship moved and everything. It isnt the same. I stayed at TI the days before Ruffin bought the place and read about his plans as i was about to fly out. I found the hotel to be very comfortable. The Starbucks out front downgrades the look but Gilley's actually fits.

Senor frogs? for real? SAD.

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