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Count The Lawsuits In This Photo Of Venetian Ice Skating Rink

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th November 2011 2:27pm
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VT uber tipster Jake Z sent us some pix of the "Winter In Venice" ice skating rink thingy that the Venetian has mounted on top of the canals out front.

As most of our industry watching readers know, any business relationship with the Venetian usually ends in litigation. So, I present to you, in tribute to Where's Waldo comics, the opportunity for you to find the lawsuits present in the above photo.

I count 12.

The Venetian's Winter In Venice carnival runs from November 21 - January 8th.

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Comments & Discussion:

Sheldon should learn more about the NHL. Where are the boards and glass? This is a disaster waiting to happen.

I don't know, but I want to be the first to skate over the side and land in the lake.

Can you sue over the fugliness of a structure?

If (more likely when) someone falls off of the rink and into the 1-foot deep canal, hopefully another someone captures it on video and uploads it to YouTube!

Maybe the installation isn't complete...maybe they have better insurance than we think...maybe they'll be breathalizing people before they're allowed to skate (no, strike that)...maybe someone forgot to run this past risk management...yea, that's probably it.

"the largest ice skating rink on the Strip" ????? Really? Is it just me, or could they build a rink 5 feet square and still be the largest on the Strip?

The only thing missing from this scene would be a tourist beating up Batman.

Hunh. Must be made of that new "fake ice" acrylic stuff.

Still...wow, that is a horrible place for anything involving motion, much less motion and booze.

How long until this thing hits its weight load and collapses into the "lake" with everyone on it and then the scaffolding and lights come crashing down into the water sending electrical volts throughout (since the lights will all still be plugged in when they fall and break into the water) shocking everyone and their children to death.
"35 tourists from the Midwest and 40 LA douchebags were killed today in a terrible accident at the Venetian, all they wanted to do was spending Winter in Venice and since they couldn't afford to go to the REAL Venice, they spent winter at the Venetian, which turned into spending their winter dead."

That rink is a public liability insurance nightmare waiting to happen.

Sheldon will require all skaters to sign a 22 page indemnification agreement prior to putting on their skates.

That's not done right? Tell me that's NOT the final product they're going to let people skate on!

If it is the finished product whoever designed that better end up fired after the 1st person going in the drink.

It's just like Sheldon to make sure the snowflakes are shaped like the star of david. I remember the strip podcast's interview of Sheldon. I miss the strip. I miss the EARL. I'll be there in december, so I'll get to see this steel abomination first hand. I gotta say, it's pretty ugly. I'm sure they could have set up a more elegant rink in St Mark's square or whatever that big open space is inside right?

Um Lance, can you think of a better easy to make 6 point star? I kinda doubt that even went into the thought process behind this, and even if it did, is that a problem?

Yes it is that fake ice. I know here in the Atlanta area, there are a few temporary rinks set up outside for the holidays and when it is above a certain temperature, they cannot use the rinks as the level of technology at their disposal isn't up to what the NHL uses for their Winter Classic games (They claim they can make and maintain a surface in temperatures up into the 60s.) and the ice turns to a slushy mess (The actual ice surface is about 3/4ths of an inch.).

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