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Sayonara The Western Closing!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 15th November 2011 2:09pm
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In a statement, the Tamares Group - owners of the Western, Plaza and Vegas Club casinos downtown - have announced that The Western will close indefinitely on January 16th, 2012.

The release states that the closure is caused by "decreased demand at this location." The company goes on to pimp their renovations at the Plaza while saying that the Western will be considered for renovations as well.

So what does Tamares really mean by this statement?

Concretely, "the Western is closing."

Between the lines, "we need to push people to stay at the Plaza."

Obliquely "oh shit, we really spent all that money renovating the Plaza?"

Coming soon: "Vegas Club hotel closed indefinitely for renovations."

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Comments & Discussion:

I think they're going to wait to see if the area south of the ElCo improves in the near future before making any plans in regards to what to do with the property. That area is a bit sketchy and when you consider that Atomic Liquor (R.I.P.) required you to be buzzed in (didn't they also close in the early evening?), that's not a nice area to be in. Hopefully that area can see a rebirth like the East Fremont area has seen.

Long before the days of the Vegas Internet Mafia (we're going back over a decade), Matt Weatherford (CheapoVegas, BigEmpire) threw legendary yearly soirees that included penny slot tournaments at the Gold Spike and Golden Gate shrimp cocktail eating contests. The highlight one year was when a group of us descended on the Western dollar blackjack tables to use the The Lucky Ned IncrediSystem (Google it).

Even in years prior to that, I'd hit the place for its cheap booze, good VP, and $1 blackjack. Often, a couple of Metro squad cars would be out front questioning one of that neighborhood's "upstanding" citizens, lights ablaze. We'd call the casino's "floor show".

I can see them sinking some money into it and reopening in a couple of years. The city is hard at work to clean up all of Fremont St. (stretching all the way to Eastern). The neighborhood east of Maryland and north of Charleston is really undergoing gentrification. The entire Zappos/hipster thing is making it increasingly popular to live downtown. (I'm no hipster, but I'm in the home market and giving downtown serious throught). I think they are just going to wait out the transformation and if they play their cards right, a "new" Western could make quite a go of it.

Damn ! looks like I won't be back in Vegas until April, sure gonna miss playing that cheap craps table.... well, at lest the beer was cheap and the hot dogs didn't get me sick....

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