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Deadmau5 Announces XS and EBC Exclusive Residency

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 14th November 2011 1:12pm
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Attention Oontzheads, world famous DJ Deadmau5 has announced a one year residency at Encore Las Vegas nightclubs XS and Encore Beach Club.

He made a goofy video to demonstrate the intense hiring process he went through at Wynn.

Big thanks to @pinchemike for the Tweet tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Interestingly, a good shot of Encore is never shown.

UGH..makes me want to order a vinegar and water

thank god, I was on the edge of my seat hoping he'd find someplace to apply his "talent".

Sad for Encore, great for a good Canadian kid.

That seems like an odd choice for a place like Wynn. EDM does not scream "high class" to me. it screams "16 year olds looking of extascy pills"

Whether anyone who visits VT or not likes it, EDM is what's hot now. The kids (and adults) who pack nightclubs to dance, socialize and bullshit are the segment of the population that remained profitable during the recession. Having a big name DJ in residency is a big deal and Deadmau5 is the top of the dogpile in that regard. We should all get over it.

I saw the guy's full production show at The Cosmopolitan over Labor Day weekend and I was actually quite impressed. He presents himself as not a dick and actually quite reasonable given his age and notoriety. Also, his Facebook updates are funny.

I wonder where I would be today if they had shows like this 20 years ago.

I think this is completely awesome as I love Deadmau5. I wonder if his "residency" will be like what Tiesto's (who I hate) was at the Hard Rock this year. Where he played once every month or once every other month. Google to the rescue.....

So, can someone (RockChick) please explain to me why a dood wearing a "mouse" head and playing other peoples music gets to be famous? and Chuckmonster, who runs the best website in the world, lives in infamy?

also @fersure he's Canadian? Between him, Bieber and Celine, I think I need to move.... insert sad Canadian face here

@spyder He was the DJ on the MTV Music Awards a coupla years back. Look what happened to Russell Brand after he hosted the MTV Movie Awards. Instant super fame.
Also, he wears that mouse on his head to be different and people like different. Different gets popular real quick no matter how ridiculous it is. Deadmau5 is actually "pronouced" Deadmouse. Years ago when he was a no one he tried to make his handle (AKA screen name) in some nerd-o chat room DEADMOUSE but it was already taken so he made it DEADMAU5 and everyone in the nerd-o chat room started calling him "That dead mouse guy."

JohnD is right, hip-hop music and the mixtape/mashup DJ style are being pushed aside for EDM as a new generation of club kids with different tastes comes into their mid-20s. These kids weren't even old enough to come to Vegas when Wynn opened but they are now the young, beautiful people that the clubs need to attract in order to stay relevant.

I know I'm getting old when I fondly remember the good old days when Hard Rock and Palms were the cool places to hang out, and you had to know someone to get into Body English.

Most of the kids I've seen wearing any kind of Deadmau5 stuff were in their teens when he did a set at the Virgin Festival here in Maryland this year. Obviously the Wynn folks think this will make money and good for them, it just strikes me as odd.

FWIW, I'm 25 and I love the guy. He's not just popular with teenage ravers, but also in my age group who enjoy good dance music as well.

In my opinion Deadmau5 so popular because he's set himself apart from these DJs who just
kind of mash-up songs though his creativity and live performances. That being said, a lot of people just don't see the appeal of EDM, and that's fine. It's not for everybody.

But like it or not, these days Las Vegas is attracting more and more visitors who are coming to party and less and less visitors who come for the gaming. This is where the money is coming from right now and it would be stupid not to embrace it. If you don't like it, figure out what the casinos haven't been able to over the last three years: How to make a mega-resort profitable without the caliber of gamblers they had before the economy crashed.

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