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Wynn Names Climax As Blush Replacement

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 14th November 2011 12:14pm
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Wynn Blush Climax

Eater has spilled the beans that the replacement for Wynn's Blush night club when it moves into the Alex restaurant space will be called Climax.

Because "Money Shot" was taken?

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Okay I read the article and by far the best thing was that Switch is closing. In my opinion, Switch is the worst restraint in Wynn/Encore.

The whole moving wall thing was a bit gimmicky.

Climax is a good name for a night club. The last thing you do in an evening is go into a bar/nightclub for a drink.

I hope this name is a portend of the whole nightclub scene jumping the shark......

Because "Squirt" was taken?

I can hear the pick up lines now

“hey babe wanna go up to my room and have a real climax”

Hmm when I saw the headline I was kind of hoping that this was a Misnoper article......

I sure hope this isn't the start of it jumping the shark.. I mean, where would we go to find amateur call girl tourists for the lonely Vegas nights? Hmmm?

How long before they name something "Cum"?

That is really pathetic. Somehow The Light Group's and Tao Group's clubs names seem downright classy these days.

Sucky that Botero's frontage is being altered. I loved their signage.

Liz Lemon doesn't approve.

Are we sure this guy wasn't involved in naming the place?


with a name like that does everyone who gets in get a free sex toy?

How many construction workers do you think it'll take to bring about Marilyn Winn's Climax?

Even worse, it's a Sean Christie venture.

And once again the words "Wynn" and "classy" become harder to use in the same sentence...

May I recommend tagging this article as an "insidher tip"?

Pathetic. Who the hell names these places?

And Switch is closing for a "Latin Concept"? I admit that the changing walls thing gets a little old, but I've always had nice meals there.

And why does Botero's sign need to change? It looks great!
And maybe Okada is finally going to get that renovation that used to be on Todd Lenahan's website that VT reported about a while back.

Mike E....why is sean Christie a bad thing?

I'm guessing the "Latin Concept" replacing Switch turns out to be some kind of taqueria, similar to the Poblano half of Cosmopolitan's China Poblano. Looking forward to noshing on a fish taco and watching some drunken heel rat wipe the vomit from her mouth with a flowing red curtain.

My take on this is that the name "Climax" is primarily designed to make Jay Fenster's tweets funnier.

Appolo28: Sean Christie us the guy behind the biggest douchebag club in the city: EBC/Surrender. Yes, my friends, Wynn has gone downhill.

Why is EBC/Surrender more douchebag central than XS/Tryst?

Changing Switch to latin themed is a good idea.

Wynncore is too heavy on steakhouses. i.e SW steakhouse, switch, Bortero.
Bellagio in comparisson only has one steakhouse.

Is Wynn's Climax the equivalent to Bellagio's Hyde? Or in other words, is Climax being made to compete with Hyde?

IDK- Which name is worse, Hyde or Climax?

EBC/Surrender has more douchebags. XS actually controls who they let inside fairly well, and rumors abound that they actually turn away more people than they let into the club because they are the wrong "type". In contrast, EBC/Surrender lets anyone in who forks over the cash.

Hopefully this Latin Concept thing will be executed well. Michael Morton is a great operator, and has created a unique product in La Cave. Hopefully he'll do the same this time. And I bet the $40-million changing walls stay, with some slight alterations. Can't see the now-prominent bean-counters of Wynncore taking a write-off of that size.

JakeZ....do you live at the Wynn?

I can't imagine the floor NOT being sticky. Maybe they'll have all ultraviolet lighting.

After Marquee opened XS will pretty much let anyone in.

@apollo No. I wish! I'm actually a UNLV Hotel Student and I am friends with numerous people who work there, both of which result in me spending lots of time there.

JakeZ...how do your friends like working for the Wynn? good money?

@apollo: They love it. They all vary in age (from college to Social Security) and position, but they all enjoy it. Despite what happens to Wynn regarding clubs, etc. they still provide a superior level of service to nearly every other resort in Vegas. Once I graduate, I hope to work there myself.

And the money doesn't hurt either. Apparently, Wynn has zero minimum wage employees on staff (including part-timers and steady extras). Some of their seasonal hires (think pools, etc) make upwards of $30,000 for 7/8 months of work. Wynn's definitely a desirable employer.

30,000 for eight months work is good

JeffinOKC already posted my immediate reaction. Let's see which casino is the first to go all the way!

I still think they should call it Khünt. They can decorate it with chocolate colored beef curtains.


“Las Vegas’s hottest new club is Climax! This place has everything; glass, steam, bear-traps, and just when you think the fun is over, knock knock, who’s there? it’s black George Washington. All of that in a party room filled with human bath mats.”
"What are human bathmats?"
"It's that thing when, like, midgets have dreadlocks and they lay face down on the floor."

Will they open a club next to it called Afterglow?

XS will let anyone in? Seriously?! Have you seen the line for Marquee? Gross.

Ron Jeremy will be hosting the opening party.

It's funny too seeing the club scene in Vegas vs. what's here in Tampa. Out there everyone is dressed almost to the nines in these shiny short dresses, high heels, gobs of makeup with a ton of jewelry on then you come to places like Tampa where our main techno/dance club (where all the big names comes) has people in shorts, jeans, tanktops, etc in a grungy club because they're in there to do one thing and one thing only. Roll. I'm guilty of it myself. The club owners and club staff here KNOW what people are there do to, all the way to the point of giving out free water by the time the main DJ goes on. When we went to Ferry Corsten a while back they were spraying the crowd with a hose. We're going to see ATB on Saturday and I'm sure it'll be the same way.

Point being, what I wear to a club here would be scoffed at our in Vegas. Shorts, layered tank tops, Chuck Taylor shoes, all in the name of staying cool, not fashionable because you're there to get f'd up, not impress.

Well, thank God for that.

I had no idea what "roll" meant so I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary.

Is 39 too old to be in XS?

There is no such thing as "too old" for guys going to clubs, you just have to be willing to spend at least 10x your age in order to impress anyone.

Seriously though, XS actually skews a fair bit older than Marquee or Surrender. Lots of Wynncore guests in their 40s and 50s, especially international ones, spend their Fri-Mon nights in XS.

It's not even that hard to get in any more. Since the departures of Cy Waits and Victor Drai, the place has dramatically settled down compared to the insane overhype of 2009.

As long as your guest of wynn….you will have no trouble getting in. You bypass the lineup and everything.

Ive been to Surrender, XS and Tryst.

Tryst is my favourite because I like the waterfall.

I will remember the 10 x rule

39 x 10 = $390.

Usually I only spend $70.

There's always an older group inside of Wynncore's nightclubs. Even people Steve Wynn's age (see my recent board post about XS)!

he probably had five bodyguards there

Do you blame him? He's a fucking blind billionaire. Dude probably trips over gold-plated Moon rocks on the way to the shitter.

Not to mention that the bodyguards can protect the fine art from it's haphazard collector.

They were going to name the place The G-Spot, but they were too worried that most men wouldn't be able to find it

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