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From The Mailbag: I'm A Playboy Bunny and I Got Fired

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 11th November 2011 1:05pm
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Periodically, we like to dip in to the VT mailbag and pull out some of our favorite cards and letters for your perusal and entertainment. This week, we'd like to share with you an email sent to us by a recently fired Palms Playboy Club bunny.

From: Lindy H

Comments: Would you have any interest in a story regarding all of the Playboy Bunnies at the Las Vegas Playboy Club at the Palms Casino being terminated without cause? All 12 girls (handpicked by George Maloof when he was still in charge) on staff were fired and banned from property and the next day the club was staffed with girls from a temp agency who will now work for less pay. This ad ran the day after we were fired and featured Maxine, one of the terminated girls. All of the girls seen on their website: http://www.palms.com/las-vegas-playboy-club/ were terminated. No notice and some offered an undisclosed severance to not go to the media which they refused to sign. Please contact me if any interest in the story - more information can be provided if requested.

Dear Lindy,

Thank you for emailing us about your plight. Unfortunately, times have been difficult for all of us in these United States, particularly for those who hit a few branches on their way down the ugly tree (like me.)

It definitely sucks, but the facts are that new management decided to replace you with better, newer models. I did the exact same thing three days ago... firing my iPhone 3GS with an iPhone 4s. Unless you are a union employee or have an employment contract, employment agreements are at will. I'm sure the actors on the fledgling Playboy Club tv show felt the same way when their series was cancelled after two airings.

If it is any solace to you and your former co-workers during your time of difficulty, George Maloof himself - the man who anointed you with a fluffy tail and ears - has lost control of the resort that he built. Even though he is no longer the majority owner and driving creative force at the Plams he refuses to lie down on his sword and ride off into the sunset with his tail between his legs.

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Comments & Discussion:

Oh no...what will all those good looking women do, it's shame there is no where in vegas that will hire them.

One of the sure signs a few years ago that the recession was full-on and serious here in Las Vegas was that we started seeing hot women working "normal" jobs (like cashier at Target and similar). During the boom if you were a hot female and under 27 years old, you'd be cocktailing or bartending somewhere.

They could always brush up on their gun knowledge and social media skills and apply for these jobs:

Minton, I was just thinking the same thing ... what a horrible card that was dealt to those Playboy Bunnies ...

Quoth the monster, "It definitely sucks, but the facts are that new management decided to replace you with better, newer models."

Harsh assessment to say they were replaced with "better" models, as I'm sure the leverets are every bit as fetching as the scalped bunnies. What I took from her clarion call is that Playboy Club bunnies are salaried at a high rate. I would assume their salaries are nominal compared to their tips. Someone care to enlighten me as to how women are compensated at places the caliber of the Playboy Club?

I also find it highly dubious the replacements came from a "temp" agency, maybe a highly selective placement or talent agency, nothing like an OfficeTeam or Manpower.

As for her plight, I don't know the ease with which an attractive girl can find a job as a cocktail waitress at a minimum 4-star resort, especially in this economy, though it's no Spring 2009. But maybe our distressed damsel has learned a lesson that she can never take a job for granted and that there's an unfortunate obsolescence to human beauty, and she'll emerge from this smarter and more prepared.

But please, if you're indeed exceptionally attractive, don't seek employment at the M Resort. My God, those girls are going eventually incinerate my corneas if they get any hotter.

Serves them right for thinking they were too hot to form a union...

Just a guess, but here's my take:

Seems like they were being paid at a substantially higher rate than most dealers. When Playboy Club opened, it was originally supposed to be a high-limit gaming area that catered to only the top players. I remember it being impossible to find a table under $50-100 on any weekend night. Alas, as time went on, Moon/Playboy club (along with much of the Palms) lost its status as the hippest place to be, and the quality of players in there was downgraded quite a bit. Perhaps the new management felt that they could save a significant chunk of change by hiring attractive dealers - though not fully trained Playboy Bunnies - to do the same role. I'm not entirely sure having the Bunnies-as-dealers concept has really helped to give that venue anymore business than it would have had otherwise - at least past the novelty in the first year or two. Every time I'm in there lately the tables are half empty.

One place it seems like they should have found some compromise was by offering the ex-dealers employment elsewhere in the Resort or by taking a voluntary pay cut.

this reminds me of the sage wisdom from Billy Batts:
"now go home and get yer fuckin' shinebox"

Oh, it’s so nice to see Reggie Turner and Rich Strafella online posting comments to an article they had PR write for them! Good for you guys! It just proves that this is an undeniable injustice that won’t go away despite all your weak attempts to spin the situation. Hilarious! We all had a good laugh over this!

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