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Cosmo Sinks Its Claws Into High Rollers With The Talon Room

By Blackjacker1979 on Friday, 11th November 2011 12:50am
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Cosmopolitan High Limit Identity Lounge

Building on Five Hundy's tip, we've learned that just in time for brides and grooms everywhere to celebrate, John Unwin and the curious class are set to unveil their new high limit salon otherwise known as The Talon Room.

The former Identity Lounge space has had its finishing touches applied and is ready for the limelight . There will be a brief ribbon cutting or some other fanfare followed by the official opening at 11:11am, on of course 11/11/11. If life gives you the date...

From what the dealers touring the space have mentioned to me the space itself is quite beautiful, luxurious and a completely different level than the existing High Limit gaming salon on the main floor. This is just another step in what hopefully turns the Eastside Tower into its own version of the Tower Suites. Or is that hoping for too much?

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WTF does TALON mean???

Talon is the sharp claw of a bird of prey, as in, if you enter Talon, you'll come out bloodied and poor.

Presumably this goes hand in hand with the Raven level of Identity.


According to my MacBook Pro dictionary:

Talon: (n) in various card games, the cards that have not yet been dealt.

How many people are going to know that without looking it up?

I guess they just should've stayed with the understandable and more direct, "High Limit Room".

JakeZ, I didn't know that. This is a great place to learn new things.

Curious to see how this looks. Awful name, though... but I am guessing that sign will be replaced with a Total Rewards sign in the next coming years..

Blackjacker- it would be pretty sweet if they did turn the eastside tower into a tower suite like concept. Is the only registration/reception for the entire resort the one located at the base of the west tower? Looking at some of the various site plans and property maps there are a few B.o.h. areas near the east elevators that could easily be repurposed into a VIP check in. I'll admit that I've yet to step foot in the place yet (buying a house this year sorta put a damper on any and all vacations for 2011).. so they may already have some sort of check in somewhere near the east tower for all I know. My only knowledge of the joint comes from photos, videos and various site plans that have been leaked over the years

I cannot resist saying this: Do the chickens have large talons?

The Talon Room sounds more like the name of a nightclub, not a high limit gaming room. While there may be an obscure gaming term in regards to the name, the name just doesn't seem to fit.

Apparently, "talon" can refer to the remainder of a cut and shuffled deck of cards left after they have initially been dealt.

My guess is that--despite any specious connection to gambling--most players just won't take well to a name that has metaphorical relations to the painful, piercing claws of a bird of prey.


There is only the one check in area, directly under the West End Tower. This is great for those staying on that side of the resort, but once you're in and have a room in Eastside, it become painful to trek there for anything. There's plenty of space for a VIP check in, and as there are independent elevators and valet at Eastside, it could easily be done.

One thing that I've noted has changed for the better is that the elevators from the garage and the guest elevators no longer allow casino patrons to access P2 and P3 and require a key card to use. That's helpful to keep traffic down on the guest lifts in the Eastside and West End Towers alike.

@detroit1051 Isn't this a great site! I always learn something new.

How long until they turn it into a club, bar, or a lounge?

big baccarat?

what an incredibly stupid name...

"The Talon Room" does sound a bit like the name of an S&M Club.

That said, I hope Cosmo will now use the new space on the main floor to put in some nicer games.

Please Cosmo, get rid of those 8d ASM's. Give main floor gamblers 6d ASM's on the main floor, and place some Green Chip S17 tables where the old High Limit room used to be. I can tolerate it if you keep the hand shuffles to the Talon Room, but please, please, STAND ON SOFT 17 AT GREEN CHIP LEVEL FOR F**KS SAKE!!!

^What are the odds? ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

Wasnt the Talon Room where the Legion of Doom hung out? The name doesnt really suggest high limit but a private club.

Do the chickens have large talons?

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