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Luxor Welcomes All!

By MikeE on Thursday, 10th November 2011 1:45pm
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...or confuses them.

What do I hate more than building wraps? Confusing building wraps. Building wraps that make no sense. Building wraps more out of place than a non-hipster at Cosmopolitan, more displaced than Mickey Mouse outside of O'Sheas. Luxor's no stranger to bewildering advertising hanging off its pyramid. Remember this?

Anyhoo hoo, they've done it again, this time adorning their Egyptian pyramid... with a bottle of Dutch Heineken... to welcome the Latin Grammys.

Luxor Heineken Wrap

Next year, expect a Corona banner hanging off the Eiffel Tower to welcome the Country Music Awards.

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Comments & Discussion:

Most people think Heineken is German beer.

Pretty sure it is German...but either way the wrap sucks.


Heineken, the Dutch equivalent to Budweiser.... Perhaps they're promoting Heineken at the Latin Grammys in an attempt to grow that segment of the market.

"Heineken, the Dutch equivalent to Budweiser.... "

actually, it's usually one step below Bud due to the green bottles allowing too much light to skunk up the beer a lot quicker.

I'd drink a Heineken before I'd drink a Bud.

Saw them putting that up from on the Tram.The one guy repelled from the sign to the ground in seconds.

Building wraps are affronts to Las Vegas, and the Heineken one on Luxor's pyramid is especially egregious. I'm going to write to MGM....like that will do any good.

But it looks like it's exploding out of the pyramid

In addition they are turning the lights on the angled corners green. Looks a bit moldy.

How do people think it is brewed in Germany? It clearly says Holland on the bottle. Or do they just think Holland is part of Germany?


If there was a definition of what doesnt fir on a building it would be this.

I like it.

The imported Heineken lager you get in the U.S. tastes like crap compared to the Heineken you get on tap in Holland. I don't know why. It is the nectar of the gods. If you ever visit Amsterdam, don't miss the opportunity to try it. Ummmmm....

Actually, that's kind of cool..its relatively small, so it doesn't take up a huge amount of space, and it pops against the black glass..

Uhhh yeah Heineken is 100% Dutch. I've been to the factory once in Rotterdam and the former factory twice in Amsterdam.

Yeah and Heineken is definitely a step above Budweiser (which little known to most people was founded by a German guy). Budveiser Budvar is also a type of beer brewed in the Czech Republic. Two brothers came to America from Germany to start a brewing company but they couldn't agree on the proper way to brew the beer. One brother, Adolphus Busch stayed in America to brew it the way he wanted (later merging with his father in law who was from Germany to form Anheuser Busch Brewing Company), while the other brother moved back to Germany to brew the beer the "way it should be brewed."

You would think it would be Dos Equis or Corona instead

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