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Peekaboo: Wynn Tower Suites In Alex

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 1st November 2011 4:28pm
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Today, Wynn transferred their tower suites entrance to the former Alex restaurant space. Without skipping a beat, the Tower Suites lobby was sealed off, curtained and attacked by the drywall/paint crew. Gone. Poof.

Wynn Tower Suites

Wynn Tower Suites

Fortunately, there are signs pointing the way to the Temporary WTS lobby.

Wynn Tower Suites

The grand staircase... sans Maitre'D.

Wynn Tower Suites

Concierge desk:

Wynn Tower Suites

RFB has moved into the wine room.

Wynn Tower Suites

The grand staircase in reverse. Hope you're not carting your own luggage down those stairs.

Wynn Tower Suites

Roger Thomas has more important things to worry about right now than this:

Wynn Tower Suites

After checking in, you get sent to the elevators through the side door and semi-secret passage.

Wynn Tower Suites

Wynn Tower Suites

Voila. The new, temporary Wynn Tower Suites lobby.

Big huge thanks to VT uber tipster JakeZ for the photos. Check out his write up of it on The Board.

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Comments & Discussion:

We dined right where that dinky table with the flowers is. Sad.

Looking at these pictures makes me totally depressed. Damn you Marilyn Winn, I will NEVER forgive you for destroying Alex! Also, please move to New York Chef Stratta!

Any chance the uneven velvet ropes and drapery touching the floor in picture #1 are the intentional work of RogThom?

I agree with Detroit & Hedged, it's just plain sad to be reminded that the greatness that was once Alex has been reduced to this.

Also, I wonder what they're going to do with that staircase when they do eventually turn the space into their latest club (or ultra-lounge or whatever)...somehow I picture a lot of drunk club girls in heels taking tumbles down that staircase if it's still there...


wow, so that's what Alex looked like huh? I'm still pissed I never got to try it. DAMN YOU MARILYN! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR CLIENT BASE WANTS.

Fairly well done, I guess...but still seems kind of patched together. At the Holiday Inn in Cleveland I wouldn't mind check in happening in an unused banquet room when the lobby was being remodeled, but it seems a little cheap for Wynn.

...it's kind of funny, that space is already showing it's age compared to of course, Encore, but also the spaces that have already been refreshed in the past year or so. Whether or not they had kept Alex open, the space was in need of a refreshing.. Some things age better than others...

I guess we'll be seeing the next evolution in design from Wynn D&D, I am thinking we're going to get a lot more of the Encorization and Macauianization (I like making up words) with Wynn's redesign.

Alex looked different to me when I first saw JakeZ's photos, but then I realized I only saw it in the evening. The lighting at night, dining tables and linens completed the picture of elegance. The carpet looked great in a dining room setting, but it's a little too much in that empty space.

Can someone post a map or something outlining the flow of traffic? I can't visualize the movement of arrival, walking to this location and then getting to the elevators through this magical side door. Maybe it's smoother than I realize.

This is probably the most depressing news post here...seeing the former glory of Alex being reduced to a temporary check-in area...=(

That ceiling! That bar at the entry! Jesus Christ, look at those fucking curtains!


Cannot believe this space is going away in a matter of months. Anything for MORE fucking money, right? I know it's Vegas and everything, nothing stays the same or whatever, but to have this PERFECT room desecrated by a thousand wannabe date-rapists in a few months in ANOTHER nightclub/ultra lounge/douche hut is nothing but tragedy.

Patrick Bateman would go to church in this room. For real. Every surface in there would easily be Bateman-approved.

I don't get it. The curtains are nice, but probably not going to be thrown away. The ceiling is typical Wynn trellis gridlines and the carpet makes me a bit queasy. I never realized it was that red, as the promotional pictures of the restaurant were set at night and toned it down into a brown with the yellowed lighting.

Death of a Staircase, basically. And I was more impressed with the long-gone Bellagio one as far as fancy Vegas stairs go.

So sad, really, Hopefully they dump some of that furniture off in their annual Holiday Sale.

Last year, I saw one of the massive blue couches that used to be in the meetings/conference center sell for $80. $80! They sell all sorts of Wynn stuff at nearly 90% off retail/wholesale cost.

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