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Holy Crap: Cosmo Sends Out Casino Promo!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 31st October 2011 4:22pm
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Just when you thought that Cosmopolitan had decided to forego the casino part of their casino resort entirely, they send out a casino centric promo to select identity customers.


And here we were thinking that Cosmo thought that they were "too cool" to market a casino. Perhaps the real holders of the purse strings have finally told those in charge of their marketing which side is up?

Big huge thanks to VT reader duLac55 for sharing his offer with us!

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Comments & Discussion:

During my last Vegas trip and after the Internet Mafia Picnic I made it a point to gamble at Cosmo since people werent doing it. I found the casino cool looking. Some one must has said something to get them to realize they do have a casino inside surrounding the great dining places.

My promo didn't have anything to do with the casino. My promo was just for a room upgrade and a $50 dining credit. Maybe because the only thing I ever did at Cosmo was eat.

Must not be THAT select of an offer, cuz I also got this and have yet to spend a penny in their casino...I've only used my identity card for dining there.

I received an offer a couple weeks ago for 2 free nights and $50 in free play. I have just over 10k identity points. The offer was formatted the same as the misleading non-comp offer they had sent six months ago. Its good for a Terrace Studio on any day of the week.

Too little, too late. As a casino player, they already alienated me with the lack of attention. I received that mailer and threw it in the grand circular file.

ahh I remember the non comp offer that they sent me, stating "Stay, Eat, and Play on us" and its a casino rate for rooms with $60 in free play and 2 for 1 dinner. I dropped some good money there, and refuse to pay for a room

That same promo is available to the public on their website. So while the mailing only went out to select members (I did not receive one) it is a public offer.


So... I have never played with "Promotional Chips"... How does this work? You play with promotional chips (which I am assuming have no cash value at the cage?) But if you win they pay out with real chips?

I sent Chuckmonster a detailed explanation of my trying to reverse engineer their offer structure (or better- the lack thereof) so hopefully he'll post it soon.

But the most important thing my host told me (I'm platinum) is that ALL OFFERS COME OUT OF YOUR COMP BUCKET. And the hosts have no control over the offers so if you redeem and it happens to deplete your comp bucket the host is pretty screwed in trying to help you.

^^ and here it is:

I'm a platinum member at Cosmo and also work in marketing for another casino company so understand how the comp/offer game works.

I've never been able to figure out their offer structure and my host doesn't understand either.

It is clear that they don't do traditional direct mail with your standard monthly free play, food offer, hotel room, etc. that you receive in your mailbox. That having been said I did receive ONE such offer months ago for match play, hotel, and dining credit.

Playing there quite frequently, I also hear other players talking about receiving match play, dining credit, etc. but in asking around (including my host who may not be telling me the truth) no one is entirely sure how one goes about getting this.

Finally, last week I did get an email with a traditional offer. It was for $X amount of free play per day, buy-one-get-one buffet per day, and 30% off a room ONE time for November. A friend of mine got a similar offer but in much greater amounts (he is also platinum).

Bottom line is that there are offers to be had but I have no idea what they're thought process is. Even now that it seems like they are going to go the traditional offer route (albeit via email) their offers aren't very logical. Who is really going to use free play and a buffet EVERY day unless they happen to live close to the casino and/or have a really big offer.

And in closing, here's the most idiotic thing about their offers: they come out of your comp bucket. So if I have $1,000 in my comp account and they send me $1,000 in free play which I redeem then my host cannot comp me further. The only reason I know that is because I talk to my host about this since we both work in casino marketing. She has no say in what offers are extended but has her hands tied when her players actually redeem them and then deplete their comp accounts.

It is pretty comical how much money they're leaving on the table by doing this.

Interesting that they seem to be trying to drive a 5 day stay, definitely a different philosophy at least then MGM or CET in their 'offers' which typically focus on 2-3 days.

Day 3 of redeeming my free play offer and they've literally turned off any $0.25 VP games >= 99% hold. They were there the past two days.

So we just got back from Vegas which included two nights in a comped deluxe mini-suite with a fountain view.

This was from an unsolicited offer from the head of the casino marketing after two short visits to the casino in February and May.

After staying and playing for two days and sending thank you e-mails we received an offer for our stay for the Super Bowl in Februrary including a limo at the airport.

We are only half way to platinum but they are certianly interested.

BTW one thing I noticed on the visit is the condition of the windows. As a condominium owner with two balconies, I am aware of the problem with cleaning balcony windows. The Cosmo appears to have a similar problem. I am not a balcony lover being somewhat afraid of heights and I found the windows exceptionally dirty from the view inside the room. Also as I am sure you have heard, it turned quite cold on Thursday and we did not want to open the door.

Anyway, I digress. It would certainly appear that the casino is becoming interested in players. It would be nice if they loosened the slots or lowered the table rates. I went across the road to play a $5 3 card poker as the similar table did not go below $15 at the Cosmo.

We shall see what the Palazzo or the Encore comes up for the "Big Game".



I don't know your level of play (though "half way to platinum" sounds decent), but I think you've discovered the value of personal contact and a sincere "Thank You." Although according to jhoffa's post, it sounds like they'd be more rigid. (Maybe they paid more attention during Super Bowl, but that's just a guess.)

...say, your bio says Canada. You're not the one we saw turn a stack of green chips into a mountain of yellows at an Encore blackjack table, the month after they opened? Just wondering.

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