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The Trippies 2012 : Nominations Now Open

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 25th October 2011 2:57pm
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Trippies 2012

As announced at the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic, we have opened up nominations for the 2012 edition of The Trippies.

2012? What about 2011? As we discussed last year, we've realized that our numbering system was askew. Announcing 2010 Trippies in early 2011 made them seem instantly dated. To help rectify the situation, we're skipping 2011 model year and going right to 2012. Whoop-di-doo.

We've added a couple of new categories this year, best and worst "Casino Website" best and worst "Casino Social Media" and "Most Improved."

What really matters is that the nomination phase goes from now until November 5th, with final voting going from November 11th until December 1st. The winners of the 2012 Trippies will be announced during a live webcast in early January 2012.

Don't wait, nominate!

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Comments & Discussion:

I legitimately get excited about the Trippies every year. I even got in trouble last year for watching the awards webcast at work.

Small problem: tried to vote for Circus Circus for worst slots, but it was not listed. I am sure this was a technical oversight, because craps really does suck at the Clown House.

^It's in the Trippies Hall of Shame, I believe. If memory serves Circus Circus is ineligible for any more "Worst" awards until it wins a "Best" award.

Trevelbond is correct. This, and Five Hundy being in the Hall of Fame, are both mentioned in the rules on the nomination page.

lol Travelbond- same thing happened to me at work as well :)

shouldn't the nominations be write in?

Good Luck on CC winning a Best of!!!

@bobklv the ones that should be, are.

there's a lot of slot clubs that were left off the list. seems a bit unfair to throw M Resort in there when South Point and Silverton have a fair shot. And while the downtown ones will not get any love, there are a few more clubs to count downtown (Plaza/Vegas Club/Western linked? Golden Gate; Fitz; Four Queens; Binions; do Mermaids and Bajou have one?). Plus the Cannery gets slagged. Not sure if the Gamblers Choice should be in there (of the various slot routes in the bars/gas stations/groceries stores/etc) and there may be a competing one there.

good point. i've added all the ones you've mentioned and a few more.

Wanted to vote for Signature as the Best on Strip and Best Overall, alas it is not an option.

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