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The Steve Leaks Wynn Cotai Rendering

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 21st October 2011 12:49am
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Steve Wynn has accidentally leaked a photo of what appears to be Wynn Cotai. Wynn, appearing in his office to record a heartwarming video message for Siegfried and Roy, has a framed rendering of a curved, Wynn striped tower that appears to be looking over the South China Sea over his left shoulder. Over his right shoulder is a curious photo of Steve with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

It is obvious that this video was intended to be shown at a gala event, and probably not make its way to the internet (stop video at 6 minute point.)

The tower design appears to be a progression in design from the Encore Macau but with symmetrical sloping curves that extend forward around two fountains. The spines of the resort have solved the Luxor angled roof problem by terracing, possibly giving each floor's end cap outdoor areas.

The ground floor of the property appears to have lots of open glass walls which, as was described by The Steve himself during quarterly conference calls, will purposefully blur the lines between inside and outside.

Huge thanks to VT reader apollo28 for finding and sharing this with us.

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It looks also like there's possibly a water element cascading down the terraces. Very reminiscent of the WDW Dolphin by Michael Graves.

"You know what's better than dancing fountains, DeRuyter? Dueling dancing fountains!"

^ I hope they play them both at the same time to different music. Scare the locals.

Notice the driveway in the middle. Steve Wynn has said in the past that he should have put the front desk where the Fontana Bar was at Bellagio

Here it looks the check in will be centrally and close to the elevators

Wow! Huge find. Now just have to let it soak in.

It's not embracing me, rather it looks stern and cold. Do all of the end rooms have open terraces? The top is too abrupt and flat.

It has the hugging effect that most Steve Wynn towers have

This is how tomorrow morning will go:

1.) We know Roger Thomas is a big fan of Vegastripping. Someone from Wynn Design and Development will notice the picture and will inform Mr. Wynn
2.) Mr. Wynn will call the company lawyers to have the pic taken down.

First impression - I don't mind it. The low-rise off to the left interests me.

If Wynn Las Vegas and Bellagio mated and had a child together then it would look like Wynn Cotai

What strikes me about this design is how shockingly symmetrical it is. The graceful asymmetry of the Wynn & Encore LV and Wynn Macau towers are instantly striking like a sexy brown dress folding around a woman's leg as she descends a staircase.

MGM took a cue from Wynn's asymmetry and turned it up to 11 with MGM Macau and City Center. Should also be noted that Wynn Cotai's neighbor City of Dreams is a collection of avant garde buildings much like City Center. I'm compelled to think that the Wynn D&D team decided to move back to the center and reclaim simplicity and subtlety with this design. Only time will tell.

My first impression is that it looks sort of like a lobster... with curving tower shoulders and arms as claws, the walkway as antennae, the fountains as eyes and the casino outcroppings as a fan tail. Strangely mouthwatering.

very astute

@blackjacker i'm skeptical about that being a water feature. water does great damage instantly and has a the potential to make those terraces even more humid than Macau already unbearably is.

Looks like some sort of sea creature. A hotel shaped like a sea creature in North Korea, that is.

This had to be done halfway purposely...out of all the office space he could've filmed in front of (or public space, for that matter), these two pics are in the background. Either he or Wynncore PR (or both) didn't mind that pic being in the background.

Oh - they already pulled the video and replaced it with "Siegfried and Roy Final"
Too funny

As for the resort, I agree, very nice and too symmetrical. However, we are viewing it from a chopper's point POV. Standing out front, it would certainly be dramatic.

Those are most probably the terraces of the hi-end suites.

It does remind me of Tutankhamun's burial mask though.

It kind of reminds me of one of the renderings of Grandissimo. That's a good thing.

This was a great find. I think I've searched the internet just about everyday hoping to find something that had been leaked regarding the Cotai project. As others have said, this really looks like Bellagio and Wynncore got together and had a baby.

I am guessing this is what we may end up seeing (eventually) on the New Frontier site.

when I saw the rendering, it made me think of a canceled project, so in checking vegas today and tomorrow dream projects http://www.vegastodayandtomorrow.com/dreams2.htm and the link they provided to http://gaming.unlv.edu/Xanadu/index.html I found the property it reminded me of. Xanadu, with two towers built in the similar manner with the base having the connection.

/\Jinx- I thought the same thing re: Xanadu...

...for some reason, I really love this design. It's very different from the other Wynn properties, but very much Wynn at the same time. Just what I would expect in Cotai given some of it's interesting architecture on the island.

I'm afraid that what appears new, shiny, and sleek in this rendering is going to require a tremendous amount of constant upkeep and maintenance at an unimaginable cost. I'm talking about Steve's face, of course.

Exactly….Wynn Las Vegas and Bellagio had a baby and the result is Wynn Cotai.

Wynn has said in the past that were some design flaws with Bellagio. Namely

1.)In Bellagio you have to walk long distances to get places. i.e. The front desk should have been put where the Fontana Bar is as opposed to the far south side of the property. Notice at Wynn Cotai, the drive way is central and the elevator will be most likely close to the front desk.
2.)The view from Le Cirque and Circo wasn’t ideal for fountain viewing. This will probably be corrected with this hotel.

I think there were other design flaws for Bellagio but I forget what they were

I think Wynn Cotai will allow Mr. Wynn to do a better version of Bellagio.

It will be pretty funny, if by some chance this was an old idea/rendering like the one we saw for Beau/Rivage (Bellagio) years ago, the S-shaped hotel on a island in the middle of a lake. And the actual Cotai project was something totally different. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Its evolutionary, not reveloutionary, I'm sure it will look better in person than it does in this rendering.

“I am guessing this is what we may end up seeing (eventually) on the New Frontier site.”

The original plan with the Wynn site was to pull out the Golf course and fill the area with water. Two new hotels would be built on the far east end of the course with a huge convention facility.

The recession happened and this plan was put on hold.

Im not sure if this hotel design would work at the Wynn Las Vegas site. But the water feature would work well.

Now I remember what it looks like.... the Cobra logo from GI Joe.


Do you know what else is interesting in that video?

There is a photo of Mr. Wynn, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

I knew Mr. Wynn was friends with Warren Buffet but not Bill Gates.

Now I remember what it looks like.... the Cobra logo from GI Joe.

Very True.

I want to stay in the Destro suite.

It's still in the final, at 3:01 and 4:41.

I think they chose a more symmetrical design to better utilize it's location in Cotai, as it looks like Wynn Cotai's driveway lines up centrally with the street that connects Venetian to that section of Cotai. No doubt Wynn's attempt to block views from Sheldon's place... the Wynn tower looks like it will be located DIRECTLY east of the Venetian tower. Google Earth shows that the towers would line up EXACTLY. I now have no doubt that this is probably more or less the final design.

Isn't there already a Wynn in Macau? How far is Cotai from Macau??? It just seems weird to have two of the same hotels so close. If they are infact close

Is that Coruscant?
i think i can see the Jedi Temple in the background...

Looks awesome!!! Hopefully, we'll get to learn more about it soon.

oh oh. Hes onto us


Another thing I found interesting is that the tower is about the same size of the Wynn Las Vegas tower, but with two towers the same size as Encore Macau attached at both sides (albeit tapered towers). Could they do tower suites on either side of the main tower in the terraced parts of the towers, with the resort section in the middle? Or do they consider the whole property like the Tower suites? Not sure how they work it in China.

...in other words, it's more or less the same size tower that's across the street at Venetian Cotai..

How do you know its the same size as Wynn Las Vegas.

Wynn Las Vegas is about 2,900 rooms.

Wynn Cotai is only 1,600

Apollo, I'm just basing it off of the tower's footprint dimensions, not necessarily room count. Plop down the tower I described above more or less centralized on the property, and it just about matches up with the rendering.

Do you know what is interesting.

Look at the body of water. There is the far oustide perimeter of it. There is also an inside perimeter of something green. I dont know what these green things are. Trees or Lilly pads? What purpose do these serve?

looks kewl, but what gets me is the line "Steve Wynn has accidentally leaked a photo of what appears to be Wynn Cotai." That man does nothing by accident. He's just turnin up the media machine, and it works!!

Some Wynn stuff gets leaked.

Danny Gans going to Encore was leaked before the Steve announced it.

heres a quicky little site plan I did based on what I can see. I now see I made a few mistakes. Oh well.


How do you know there are swimming pools to the side?

Apollo- I was wondering the same thing about the water features, it almost looks like that will be a landscaped walkway with a narrow body of water to one side, and the fountain to the other. It looks as if almost every bit of the podium has views to the outdoors. That outdoor pool/garden area looks to be about the size and shape of the main pool area at Encore Vegas, yet landscaped like the pool in Macau. VERY cool. It also looks like there may be a conservatory located behind the tower, central with the entrance (based on the size of the skylight back there). Would be a great draw to have a conservatory near the back of the property (like Bellagio) but maybe with the back wall blown out with windows overlooking the ocean. Didn't Roger say something about creating indoor spaces that looked like they were outdoors? It looks like that's what we have. I think we're going to be in for a treat.

Apollo- Just a guess regarding the swimming pools. They could just be garden areas.. but I bet some sort of water will come into play, whether pools or ponds or something.

I love it. Reminds me of either a Manta Ray or a flasher with his coat open.

The buildings at the back are most likely theatre/convention area facilities.

That's what I was thinking too, Apollo. They could always put something back there to draw people thru the property. Who knows? Fun to speculate.

Here's a cleaner diagram.


@Spyder If Wynnsie does nothing by accident, that Le Rêve painting must be pretty pissed.

Also of note, I *accidentally* hit Post Comment just now. Oooops.

stevecovington: you should be working for Wynn Design and Development.

I wish.

The lower side Balconies will be facing the fountains.

The upper side Balconies will be facing away from the fountains.

Probably the lower side balconies will be preferred.

If they do the glass similar the same as the other towers (one cream band for every two floors) it looks like its about 60 stories... which would put those terrace rooms at two stories (much like the Encore LV apartments), which leads me to believe my theory about those being apart of the Tower Suites. With the way that porte cochere looks, you could easily have the (bad luck) main entrance in the center, and two smaller side entrances to either side below the Tower Suites.

I still can't imagine with that humidity that balconies would be a good idea, unless they've created some nicely landscaped, yet fully enclosed terraces. "...designing interior spaces that look like outside.." or something to that effect.

...30 floors... not 60. oops.

I like the idea of the ground floor being open glass walls. I will be the guy constantly walking into them thinking that the door was left open.

We need Steve Friess back in vegas. He was perfect for getting these sorts of details.

It appears that the video has been taken down


Funny....to me it kinda looks like someone flipping the double bird from about mid-gut level, assuming the top of the building is the shoulders.

then the driveway would be the penis

I suppose so...so El Steve is saying "Suck it!" three times over?

yes...while he takes the money from China and then invests it into America.

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