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SBE Shows Off Hyde Lounge To Everyone But Us cc: Sam Nazarian

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 18th October 2011 1:14pm
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Last week, SBE Entertainment and MGM Resorts International sent invitations to preview the Hyde Lounge at Bellagio to a handful of folks, but not us. The invitations consisted of three computer renderings posted below.

For some reason, SBE/MGM's press agent, Kirvin Doak Communications, didn't feel the need to share the latest news about Bellagio with VegasTripping. They send us a coupla dozen releases each week covering every subject imaginable, but somehow we didn't make the grade on this email distribution. I'll let you fill in your own backstory as to why SBE and MGM wouldn't want us to know about their new lounge coming to Bellagio. Sam Nazarian is, after all, a regular reader of VT (who doesn't answer emails, c'mon Sam!)

So, without further adoodoo, five days later, thanks to Ted from AccessVegas.com, we've gotten our grubby little paws on these elusive Hyde Lounge renderings.

Hyde Lounge Bellagio Interiors

The renderings are a perfect match to the architectural blueprints we peekaboo'd last month. The interior design looks like a cross between a high end hotel lobby lounge, a contemporary living room and the original El Cholo.

While we all mourn the loss of another original Bellagio space designed by Roger Thomas and Steve Wynn, the good news is that SBE seems to have attempted to insert Hyde Lounge into Bellagio's Italianate surroundings even if the end result seem more Mexican Riviera than Mediterranean luxury.

Hyde Lounge Bellagio Interiors

Some touches, the over sized ceramic heads, masks, low lights and the string of picture frames are reminiscent of the lobby lounge at SBE's SLS Hotel in Los Angeles. Also reminiscent of the SLS Hotel Los Angeles is this off kilter chair/table booth array. The lobby of the SLS is filled with this stuff, which makes the space organization initially jarring, then interesting, then annoying as the salt air margaritas do their damage and the novelty wears off.

The Hyde Lounge at Bellagio is softer and more feminine evolution in the SBE design language, thankfully not nearly as desolate as the ghastly room designs planned for the SLS Las Vegas (Sahara).

Hyde Lounge Bellagio Interiors

This is not a night club, it is a lounge... an upscale hangout place to have some drinks, conversation, dance a little and enjoy the music. The crowded design coupled with easily breakable items - lamps, pillows, glass tables and other decor - means that Hyde Lounge will not be the latest stop on Vegas' Oontzville Express but maybe a place that the top 35% of unwashed non-beautiful heathen scum might feel comfortable visiting during afternoon hours in a Cardinals sweatshirt and shorts that smell like ass.

I'm pleasantly surprised by these designs and hopeful that Hyde Lounge may be positioned as an evolution of the Fontana Lounge space, not a narrowcasting of it.

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Comments & Discussion:

The "original El Cholo"!! Love it!

On western!

Lame. BUT I may stop by and peek in before we hit up dinner at FIX. But I'll be in my Chicago Bears sweatshirt and matching DA BEARZ sweatpants...and I'm from Tampa

For the record, my shorts smell like Fabreeze.

That third pic looks way too 1970's garage sale/swing club to me- All it needs is some 2" deep green shag. Not alot of luxury or style anywhere in these shots.

Who is this "all" of which you speak? I myself am not a fan of red crushed velvet, fake gold, and fucking butterflies.

I wouldn't get my hopes up too high from brightly-lit and sparsely populated renderings. My prediction is the actual operation of the space will have a lot more in common with Blush than say, The Deuce Lounge. I predict this place will open complete with a velvet rope, a guestlist, and a $30 cover charge.

Look in the first photo on the upper right. That is a raised DJ booth flanked by gogo dancer platforms. The center area will be a dance-floor and the tables surrounding it will be roped off for the big bottle poppers.

My assumption is that they didn't redo this space and bring in SBE just to go back to selling $15 martinis, they did it to -start- selling $1500 bottles of champagne, and that means oontzes galore will ensue.

This honestly looks awesome. I wouldn't mind going to a place like this. Looks really laid back and in keeping with Bellagio, but also the new rooms. Synergy.

I'm sort of excited about a large lounge at Bellagio, although to me it needs to drop the exclusivity but given SBE's reputation and business model, I'm guessing that it will be positioned as an exclusive spot.

oh and shadow people are cool

Hyde Bellagio (not Lounge - guess their trying to differentiate it from their product in other markets?) will operate as a "Lounge" until 10pm at which point it will "transform" into a nightclub, cover charge and all. Supposedly the outside portion will remain open to the public for free, but the club will have a cover charge.

They're* Sorry, grammar OCD

If Bellagio management can keep it full with their high rollers on comps or celebrities instead of the club kids it might not be the total disaster that some of us have been expecting but I have to say I think the design is a lot better than I feared it would be at least its not as hideous as some of the changes theyve made at Mirage and I agree with SandyAstroglide not everyone loves the decor at Wynn though yeah he did do a great job on the original Bellagio but I think Wynn reminds of a rich Asian grandmas house LOL

Holy shit, it's filled with nothing but black people! Very very very black...yet see-through people.

I thought this was a Debeers commercial.

@Chuck, I LOVE the El Cholo on Western.
I wonder if the Hyde Lounge Happy Hour will be comparable??

After all those CET promotional photos featuring views of the Bellagio fountains, is the the first Bellagio rendering to feature a view of Bally's/Paris?

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