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Wow: The Wynn Blush, Alex, Tower Suites, High Limit Switcheroo

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 17th October 2011 2:02pm
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Wynn Tower Suites

VT uber tipster JakeZ is back with a slew of great bits of information about the many transformations coming to Wynn, all of which have been leaked to him from sources inside the Mahogany Curves.

Sources are telling him that Tower Suites lobby will be closing next month for renovations and that the former Alex space will temporarily host the lobby until construction on it and Tableau is completed.

Alex, after completing its tour of duty as a lobby, will be turned into a nightclub, the heir apparent to Blush. The former Blush space will then be transformed into a High Limit gaming area. The current Wynn High Limit area will close and be turned into a VIP lounge, targeted demographic unknown.


He also tells us that the rear entrance is closed and under construction.

Wynn Tower Suites

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We need to make a destinction here. Theres the high limit area and high limit slots.

I can understand high limit slots going to blush but why move the current high limit bacarat room? It was just renovated about a year ago.

Also isnt putting nightclub people near the tower suites going to be a problem?

^^ Seriously (at least for the Alex space. The rest seems interesting.)

I'm an uber tipster! Hooray!

definitely slots. the slot location will be expanded vip for the baccarat room. no way they'll yank that out after 8 months in operation.

@apollo28: It's the high-limit slots that are changing place, not the table games/baccarat space.

And my seriously was directed @JohnD, but the second comment appeared before I hit submit.

I have no problem with high limit slots going to Blush. There is part of blush that doesnt have a roof so it could turn out to be a nice area.

People will be coming out of Wing Lei and seeing a line up for the Alex nightclub. Hmmm...maybe it will be a very upscale nightclub...without douchebags.

I wonder what w.ink will turn into?

Photo: "South Gate Entrance."
What/where is the South Gate?

So much for being able to escape the club douches by staying on the Tower Suites end of the property. Add another nail to the coffin that holds the corpse of Wynn's class & refinement

If they're doing this right, they won't make it a nightclub but an ultralounge, perhaps with some tables inside ala The Deuce.

I think it's a good move, as the casino has always suffered with Blush being right there.

@apollo28: w.ink closed a few months ago. I posted on the Board & tipped off VT about the changes. There is an article about it (& the subsequent Encore Esplanade changes) here somewhere.

@detroit1051: The South Gate is off of Sands Ave., between Wynn & The Palazzo. The entrance that has temporarily closed is for the Tower Suites, which is in the same section.

Hopefully it isn't a typical nightclub that they are installing. Some sort of lounge/ultralounge would make sense, because Wynncore lacks anything like that.

What's the difference between an ultra lounge and a typical nightclub? I thought Blush WAS the place that was more lounge and less dance club.

I understand the new nightclub will be called Massengils, and the piped in air will be fresh like a Summers Eve.

Just checked out of the Wynn Tower suites this afternoon...talking to the valet, learned that the south entrance was only closed for a day or so because they were planting three new trees.

I had to look up what Massengils is. I soon found out


and theyre moving the high limit to make room for the VIP lounge.

which they didnt want to put where alex is?

it'll have easy access from the secret passageway in WTS and be next to baccarat.

I am shocked no one hit on the fact that this new club will also be pool adjacent. I am sure they are hoping to capitalize on the success of Surrender/EBC and create something similar over at Wynn... hopefully a much more played down version of what is over at Encore. I hope I am wrong though, and this becomes sort of what they are doing with "Hyde Bellagio", a swanky ultra lounge adjacent to a water feature (the pool, in this case). A MUCH more laid back concept for those of us who aren't club-kids... Could end up being an interesting concept. As long as they still have $10,000 bottles of booze, I guess.

Could they be adding another nightclub on the same scale as XS in hopes of reducing some of the crowds over in Encoreland's nightclubs?

I don’t think this is a strategy to reduce XS’s line up queues. XS’s lines up are going to be hidden in the stores that are being closed in the Encore Esplanade.

Alcohol is big money for Wynn so they’re giving that part of the business more space. From the Wynn map, the space at Alex is larger than the area at Blush.

They could open up part of a wall in Alex which opens up to a pool (like what’s at XS). Its close to the Wynn adult pool as well so it could all be contained. The only challenge is that you don’t want the noise going up to the Wynn tower suites.

Good bye to the last part of the Wynn resorts where you could actually sleep without the noise coming from a night club, where you could walk without seeing drunk kids.
Wynn has definitely lost one star for me. Mandarin Oriental, here I go...


First, will this new VIP lounge just be a typical high limit lounge with some light fare and sofas? They've already got one of those hidden just north of the current high limit slot room. Perhaps they're expanding it. Or will it be the kind of VIP lounge where butlers hang out and serve you drinks while you check in? Because they've already got one of those, too.

Speaking of nightclub noise and Alex, anyone see an issue with this image?


That's Villa 8801, the single-most spectacular, prized accommodation at Wynncore. That area between the end of its pool and the main pool's cabanas is Alex's garden. The only thing that separates them is a ten foot wall in the villa garden and about a 20-30 foot elevation gain.

Say what you will about nightclubs providing more revenue than the casinos, but the theoretical loss *per hand* of the guy staying in that villa is more than the cost of the average table. It's one thing when we throw a bitchfit over nightclub noise, but it's quite another when the Sultan of Brunei does.

Praying for "nightclub" to mean a return of the Baccarat/B Bar concept.

I thought the six high end Villas were identical. Why is 8801 better?

Wynn earnings are released today. Steve Wynn may say more on the subject during the confrence call.

@MikeE: From what I was told by multiple people, the new VIP area replacing the current HL Slots area is supposed to be a mix of both. It will (tentatively) not include gaming, and it is supposed to be an area that you "can get drinks, coffee and lounge with friends". They are going to be renovating the ENTIRE T.S. area, so this may become the only space for this type of amenity in that section. As for the Alex space, none of the friends I spoke with knew much about what type of venue it would become. Taking all the factors in to account, like the location of the Tower Suites, Villas, etc., it leads me to believe that it will be more of a lounge-style venue, not a raging nightclub XS-style.

@JakeZ Thanks for the clarification.

@apollo28 8801 and 2 are identical: two stories and 10,000 square feet. The rest are single story and 7000. Between the top two, considering the customer, getting "Villa 1" is a huge ego boost.


I think Elaine Wynn used to stay in one of the high end villas after she moved out of Mr. Wynn's fairway villa

From the confrence call....coming soon Wynn Miami

@apollo28 They both lived in Villa 3, actually. After the divorce, Wynn moved to the Fairways and Elaine stayed. Now Elaine is out of Villa 3 and rumor has it, Steve is out of the Fairways, too. Sad that there's practically no Wynn presence on property any more, only Winn presence.

Wow. Steve Wynn had such a nice villa. Where did he move to? Macau?

From the confrence Call. The people who now own the Frontier Property are willing to sell to Steve Wynn to develop the property. Wynn is hesitant because of the current goverment.

Can you imagine if Wynn owned the property across the street?

Wynn Miami?? That could be interesting.. looks like gaming in FL may happen.

Frontier would be an awesome purchase for Wynn... though I can't seem him doing anything big with that land until occupancy levels are better in his existing towers. I am sure though that this is a dream come true for him. That whole section of the strip could be Wynn-land within the next decade and maybe Echelon will restart, minus Delano and Mondrian

...not to mention allowing him to preserve the golf course for the foreseeable future.

When he owned Mirage Resorts, he owned the land that is now City Center. His original plan for that land was for a James Bond themed hotel.

I would much prefer a James Bond themed hotel than what is there now. Maybe he could do it with this property.

In my little mind, I've always pictured him eventually building Wynn and Encore on the CityCenter site. That would be one AWESOME stretch of real estate right there.

@MikeE: your comment about the potential impact the noise of a club would have on the villas in back reminds me of something I've often wondered: If you go on tripadvisor or other sites, you often read complaints about the noise from the clubs on "the lake" keeping people awake into the wee hours even high up in the tower; I've often thought to myself "if the noise is that bad 50 floors up, how bad must it be for the people in the villas on the strip side of the hotel? I can't imagine those villas, especially their "backyards" don't have noise issues if people way up in the tower do...

Admittedly the true nature of what is going to replace the Alex space is still not clearly defined, but it seems that if he does put a club (or even an "ultra-lounge" in there), it wouldn't surprise me, because it seems to me that lately Wynn seems to be pursuing the club dollars without much concern for the impact it might be having on the total atmosphere at Wynncore, possibly to its long-term detriment in terms of at what point is the focus on the clubs going to start turning off the serious gamblers? Opening club after club while closing higher-end restaurants and boutiques really makes me think that those who thought the hiring of Winn would lead to the "harrahization" of Wynncore might've been correct in thinking so...

Also, just curious, if both Steve & Elaine are no longer living on site, does anyone know where they are living now?

Steve Wynn still lives on site in one of the Fairway Villas (its the one closest to the Country Club, and from the right angle you can see his little dog park). During this time of year, you can often see him out and about around the hotel, especially during lunch or dinner hours.

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