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Change Is Gonna Come

By Misnomer on Tuesday, 18th October 2011 12:40pm
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Change Is Gonna Come

What weighs 105 pounds and has a 3 1/2 gallon capacity? No, not my liver! Okay yes, my liver, but you know what else? It's the bucket you see pictured above. And every day for the last, oh, 5 years or so, I've been coming home and tossing my change into that bucket, saving for a rainy day. That day has come.

Because I am broke. Busted. Crapped out. I got nothing. I can't even afford to pay attention. I am the 99%. Oh, I've got a roof over my head, and I'm not missing any meals, but I have positively no disposable income at the moment, and I have no business going to Las Vegas next week. But, I am going to Las Vegas next week. The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic beckons, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

So it's time to empty the bucket, a fact that pains me just a little. I've grown to love the bucket. I'm just slightly OCD about it, actually. My wife has pleaded with me to cash it in, usually on the return flight from a previous Las Vegas trip, when I've made greater-than-expected donations to the Nevada economy. Or when I've purchased something sizeable without spousal consent, as was the case in the Guitar Center Incident as the marriage counselor suggested we call it. But thus far, the bucket has retained its booty. That must change.

Oh, I suppose I could try to limp along on a shoestring budget. Maybe go on a 'coupon run' with that guy from the Las Vegas Advisor. But I'm just not wired like that. I need a little walkin' around money in Vegas.

If you'd like, submit a guess as to how much you think is in my busket, and I'll post the total later. Wish me luck at the bank. They're going to curse at me, aren't they?


I have just returned from the bank, and I have a bucket total. I took the bucket to my local bank, where I've had an account since I was 16 (I'm 68 now), and they were kind enough to count the change with no fee, and with only a modicum of exasperated sighs and eye rolling.

At any rate, one of you guessed the total within 71 cents.

The coins in the bucket totaled $1125.71, making VT reader JakeZ's guess of $1125.00 downright uncanny! Congratulations, Mr. Z! You win bragging rights, and a second career as a bucket estimator.

Thanks to everyone who took a guess. This column will repeat in 5 years. See y'all at VIMFP!

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Comments & Discussion:

I would guess....but I can't see the bucket!

my bad. the bucket is back!

$420.37 is my guess.

I never have this issue, as I never let my coin jars get that full and typically cash their contents in prior to a Vegas trip and it usually gives me an extra $100-150 for the trip.



Looks like about a grand... I'll bump it up a bit and say $1,100.


I knew I wasn't the only one with a "Vegas Jar," but never expected another person to come out of the closet about it.

For some reason, I always assumed you were local.

My guess is $1,196.57.

And yes, the bank is going to hate you. My bank now outsources their change counting service because of people like you (and me). ;-)

40.04. The Aria curse.

14 qt bucket = $1,522.18. What do I win?

If it's like any bank I've ever gone to they'll shake their heads and tell you to take it back home and roll it all before they'll take it.

I'm gonna guess $378.94

If you were in Canada it'd be full of $1 and $2 coins and be worth so much more. I always am so let down when I dump out a pocket full of change in the states and find I've only got a couple bucks in there whereas at home I normally have at least $6 when I empty a jingly pocket.


A fair amount of copper on top, so my guess is $562 although that might be a coinstar guess as my bank won't run mine through and I have to pay them almost 10% it's like the Mafia cashing my change.

I used to be a closet coin stasher, mine usually got up to about $100 per year when I worked in the office. Nowadays, I'm lucky to get $100 over year and a half working from home.


817.62...I work for a bank and I know they don't even take loose change any more for this reason. It takes someone time to count it and the bank makes no money. But based off my amazing predicting skills, I say 817.62

Oh the wife says $868.19


I've decided to start rolling my coins in order to avoid that nearly 10% fee Coinstar charges. When you're cashing in $100+ and paying them well over $10 in fees, that's a chunk of change you're losing. A bag of coin wrappers is usually under $2 at any Walmart or Walgreens type store. Sure counting and wrapping is laborious, but worth it when you're saving $10-15 or more on Coinstar fees.

Some banks still offer free coin sorting services for their customers, but the larger banks typically don't. Most credit unions still offer this service as well.


don't pay for coin wrappers - go to your bank and ask for some. they will give you a bunch for free. you might need to make several trips, but why pay for the wrappers.

@nullzero00 Knowing how most banks seem to be these days, I'm surprised there are still some that do that. A credit union I would expect such services, but not at a major bank.

I used to steal coins out of fountains for a living so I would guess about $210


My bank doesn't want rolled change. The counting machine gives an accurate number and checks for slugs, foreign coins, etc. A few years ago, a guy in my hometown bought a $35,000 truck with quarters.

Enough for one hot girl direct to you 24/7.


Years ago I cashed a one gallon jar filled with all denomination of coins from pennies to quarters and it came to nearly $300. I was forced by the un-cooperarative banks to cash it at a Coinstar machine and would highly recommend you pull all the quarters out and roll them- It is too easy to do this than pay the 9.75% fee for.

Up in Canada with the loonie and toonie, you could pay fo a trip with a change bucket.

Such a great post (as to be expected from Misnomer). I refer to my Vegas stash as the Pizza fund, which is a sly reference to the money I would normally put aside to order pizza. It usually amounts to $20 out of every $200 I take out of the atm.

I too, am OCD about my receptacle, but mine is an empty beer growler. When my wife isn't home I pour it out on our coffee table and count my coins like an old miser. Even if I haven't put any new coins in it since the last count. I took it to the bank today to cash in for my trip next week, and now feel an emptiness staring at that clear glass jar. There was enough in there for me to tip housekeeping and a few cocktail waitresses, but I still feel like I'm getting over on everybody when I pick pennies up off the street and add them to my sweet sweet stash. By the way, I'm taking advantage of lurker week by making my first post. Do I win any coin for doing this? I can provide my address if ya'll wanna send me some pennies or something. Cause I know no one keeps pennies...


Don't forget, they still pay for blood plasma.

Lurker Week! Just made it in under the gun. I want to know how full it got before the handle snapped off?

$700 cause coinstar is gonna rip you off and take their fees on top of it

I have a Coke machine at the shop that only takes coins and a dollar bill changer, so I usually wind up with a few hundred dollars a year in coins laying around. Plus a lot of singles. I take the bills with us to Las Vegas and use them for tips at the valet, etc. I take the coins to the Coinstar and get credits at Itunes or Amazon. Then I buy movies, TV shows or books about Las Vegas. Such as "Suburban Xanadu" by Dr. David Schwartz, who will be appearing in person at VIMFP Saturday, October 23rd. (Yes, I am a pathetic suck-up)

We had one of these that we cashed in before we went to Amsterdam last year, but my dude called it the "Amsterdam Prostitute Fund."
Imma say theres $450ish in there.




Misnomer, please ship the bucket to me, and I'll take it to BankAtlantic for you.

Alls I know is you're over $1,000; and likely above $1,300. I'll go out on a limb and guess $1,560.01

if you go to Coinstar, you could always get an Amazon.com certificate instead of cash and not pay the 10% fee, then skip the trip and buy Paul "By meee book" Carr's Vegas book.



631.77 - Plasma for extra Vegas bankroll? It seems very reasonable to me....

I spent five years filling up a FIVE gallon plastic water cooler bottle with pennies, nickels and dimes. The quarters went into the laundry machines at the apartment building I lived in.

My wife and I rolled up all the coins and took them to my bank. The teller said they will only accept two rolls per deposit. My wife was stubborn enough to make the deposit and then get back in line again all day long until every last coin was deposited. I had a better idea. I walked over to the branch manager and introduced us. I told her I had $60,000 in personal deposits in the bank, my business accounts were at the bank and I was currently paying them about $980 per month in interest on my home mortgage. I told her the teller had refused my $1300 in rolled coin deposit. I politely asked if the bank wanted my business... ALL of my business... or should I move my accounts and mortgage to an institution that appreciates having a loyal customer.

She personally made the deposit for us while we sat at her desk. I don't know if that would work today.

I've got about a gallon's worth of coin saved up from the past two years that I need to convert to folding money. Mercifully, I know which casinos still take your coin and dump it into their coin counters and give you cash back. No vig!

105 lbs. I'd say 1200.00 I do the same with 3 qt water bottles and get about 350.00 per bottle. usually fill up 2

I'd say $1103.37, 30 pesos, 3 Canadian dimes, and 1 ChuckECheeses token.
Save the last one for Vegas; it should bring you good luck.

$945.66 and some leftover Necco wafers.

$898.17 is my guess. This has been a very educational thread, esp. whomever mentioned that Coinstar gives you the option to pay no fees if you get an Amazon credit instead of cash.

$1329.59, and 3 buttons, 2 slugs, $4.57 in Canadian coins, 6oz of pocket lint and a guitar pick

Sorry to say, when the topics "Las Vegas" and "100 pounds" come to my mind, the following article pops up...he needs more than spare change


Guesses are now closed! See the story update for the revealed total!

When my bank stopped taking coins without being rolled, I just started taking them to Coinstar and using them for Amazon gift certificates, since you can pretty much buy anything there anyway. No way would I ever even think about rolling $1,125 in coins!

I was wayyyy off. Way to go, JakeZ.

^^ Thanks! Too bad I'm unable to go to VIMFP and claim my bragging rights!

You are a brave man to transport and carry that bucket. Imagine a spill.....

....68?! You have a young soul, sir.

Nice haul of less than it's worth metal. That bucket was bigger than I was thinking. Gotta check the pork grind bucket next to me and throw some pennies to catch up!

On the left side of the bucket, near the handle: was that a Canadian loonie or one of those US dollar coins given out as change at the monorail station that no retailer will accept?

^^ Good eye. There were 28 U.S. dollar coins in the bucket, most of which I got from the Metrolink station. Also 2 half dollars, a paper clip, a watch battery, and a McDonald's Monopoly game piece (B&O railroad, I believe).

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