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Peekaboo: The New Flamingo FAB Rooms

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 13th October 2011 4:27pm
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Flamingo FAB King

Somewhere off in the near future, the Flamingo will be unveiling a new class of room product, the Flamingo FAB rooms. I said FAB, not FAP, pervo.

Anyways, these new rooms are situated in the line up above the recently refreshed "Deluxe" rooms and below the pimptasm that is the GO rooms.

Non-suite pricing scheme goes something like this (roughly):

Deluxe: --
FAB: +$30
GO Deluxe: +$40
GO Luxury: +$60

Flamingo FAB King

Visually, the Flamingo FAB rooms look like a mash up of the Deluxe and GO, but with the modern wackiness turned down to a squeak. The hardwood floors and throw carpet are an interesting design choice. The new FAB come in king and dual queen configurations.

We've been wondering when and how the Flamingo was going to sort out their room product since the introduction of the GO rooms way back when. This looks like a smart, economical way for them to consolidate their offerings and not scare grandma.

Big huge thanks to VT Total Rewards guru A5RoadDogg for another great tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

it seems as though they've kept the old headboards from the previous design. they don't match at all with the rest of the decor. otherwise, it's an adequate update; nothing too bad or too special

Whoo two shout-outs in a week! I'm on a rolllllll!!!!!!!!

I like this cheaper-than-GO-no-glowing-pink-bathrooms alternatives.

Those headboards are just... Those headboards...

I adore the GO rooms, but this ain't half bad. While I'm not a fan of the headboards or armoire, I love the hardwood floors. But I think the best aspect of this remodel is the fact that if Caesars is putting money into the Flamingo, the once endangered bird is safe for at least another decade.

The hardwood floors are an interesting, if cold, design choice. The good side for the maids is easy to clean, manage, and keep sanitized if they use a resilient floor product that looks like wood. The bad news is that those fuckers can get dusty quick, and if they use sub-par materials its going to be messy fast. Like the rugs though. I would have gone with carpet along those lines but a bit more subtle.

^^ roomba.

The hardwood floors are definitely an interesting choice. It gives it a very 'flat' feel in my opinion, not necessarily upscale, but they aren't necessarily going for that. Grandma is going to break a hip getting up onto those beds though, appear to be very high in comparison to what they had.

This is a better idea than their original "FUPA" room. But what will they do with all the Charlie Weis and Chaz Bono posters?

You Guys... You Guys? This looks tragic. I usually think we're all together on these things.
I love the GO room. I've stayed in them twice and thought it was a very modern update. The pool is great and if the casino and F&B were updated I would stay there much more often.
The hard wood floor is cool, but those headboards!! John H - YES>
And the wood desk that doesn't match the wood in the rest of the room.
The pink curtains. Com'on!
I worked on the renovations at Primm and I swear the nightstand came from their OLD rooms! And what about the Big Lots artwork? Anyone? Say something!

Do they charge more for these rooms that you can actually see out the windows??? The last time I looked out a west facing room, I could hardly see Caesars because of the stupid building wraps!!

"The hardwood floors and throw carpet are an interesting design choice." To say the least.
Can't wait for some drunken tourist to sock-skate across the floor and right out the floor-length window....

Actually from the pics it looks like bamboo. Not sure about maintenance for real wood/bamboo in a hotel room environment (various liquid stains, etc). And as Blackjacker noted, badly done faux laminate will bubble up from the floor in no time.

Hardwood headboards: There was surely a reason for the proliferation of padded headboards in Las Vegas hotel rooms, no? The potential for headaches after a busy night, ouch...

(JohnH, the doubles look OK, a bit eighties but I can relate. The king/single, however: like some kind of sanded-down Aladdin leftover.)

My tootsies are cold just looking at those pictures.

Then again, after stepping on a mystery wet spot at Harrah's Reno, a hardwood floor does have its advantages.

Although I like the look and feel of hardwood floors, Harrah's AC showed they create a serious noise issue in hotels (especially under the door to the adjoining room).

I've stayed at the Flamingo 5 or 6 times and have always loved the place. This past time, though, may have been the last. Our room (and hallway, and elevator area,etc) were incredibly worn and ragged. Glad to hear of more room renovations-they were badly needed!

The GO wings of the hotel look like you're in a box of ice cream. I agree with the above poster that the hallways are totally worn. The GO rooms are funky but last time we were out there half of the lightbulbs above the bed were blown and the rooms were super tiny.

These things though...would look better without those headboards. Good god do something about those!!

Is this Flamingo or the latest Big Lots ad? The scale of everything in these rooms... it's just barely off. The throws at the end of the bed, too short. What's up with the bathmat in the room? Is it just me or does the desk not match the rest of the finishes in the room?

My question is this... who approves this crap? I'm on the hot seat everyday for Staging projects for resale homes, (lower budgets) and this nightmare not only gets approved, but goes into production and then to marketing looking like THAT?!

Assuming no one has seen any pictures of the bathrooms. Any descriptions? (Besides sink, toilet, tub)

Knowing how cheap CET is I am guessing those would not be actual hardwood floors, but a Pergo type laminate flooring, ugh!!

I'm confused...why aren't these going to be called the FLAMING rooms (FLAMING...GO...get it?). This room refreshing project is clearly just that...not a total remodel, but one limited by a very low budget. No one will pay $30 extra for these rooms unless they Photoshop these pics to high heaven. (The fact that the bathroom's not even shown leads me to believe they'll do nothing with those except throw up a hot pink shower curtain.)

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