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Wynn Ups The Greens Fee For A Fairway Villa

By MikeE on Tuesday, 11th October 2011 3:04pm
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In the good ol' days of the bad ol' economy, you could get one of Wynn's one-bedroom Fairway Villas as low as $750 per night, a two-bedroom for about $1250. Dare I say, these weren't a bad value. Now these units have almost completed their renovations and we were hoping we might get the same kind of bang for the buck.

Hope as I did, the pieces of the puzzle just weren't aligning right. With the renovations they built a new private entry and a road around the back for the fleet of Rolls Royces to enter in and out of. They upgraded all finishes and made infinitely more elegant elevator foyers. I was getting the impression that they were turning these once attainable accommodations into ultra high roller suites that you either couldn't reserve or were so astronomically priced, renting them just didn't make sense.

It kills me to say it, but I think I was right.

After much prodding of the room reservations department for weeks on end, I finally got an agent eager to poke her higher-ups in letting me be one of the first to stay in the new suites. They got back to me the next day. One-bedroom: $2500, two beds for $3500, and this for the super slow weekdays approaching Thanksgiving.

Yikes, indeed.

For a moment, I figured that they might have started releasing the *really* special ones with the pools to the public, but nope. These are for the same floor plans I stayed in five years ago at more than triple the cost. Maybe, just maybe, the prices will lower as they all come on line by the end of this month and managerial ass-kissing need not be required. Until then, it saddens me that I'll probably never stay in a Wynn villa again.

I know. #firstworldproblems. Shut up.

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Do you know if only the ground level (with pool) villas/"apartments" are still the only one to come with butler service (and even higher-end furnishings/decor), or as part of the renovations, do all the Fairway villas now receive butler service? At these new prices, it would seem to me that if the upper-level villas still don't receive butler service, that the prices are kind've a rip-off compared to say Skylofts or the Mirage's villas, which are rentable and come with butler service (though, as we all know, there's a difference between advertised butler service for paying customers and true high-roller butler service...)

Off the topic: I was checking the rates to Wynn Las Vegas on Amex.com and that's the message I saw.
"TheTower Suites at Wynn Las Wynn will be under renovation from October 31, 2011 through December 23, 2011 (completion dates subject to change).This renovation will impact the Tower Suites lobby, front desk, concierge and the Tableau restaurant/lounge. Guestrooms and suites should not be affected. A temporary lobby, front desk and concierge will be set up and guests will be offered other restaurant options within the Resort. Guests will also be instructed to use the Wynn Resort guest elevators during the renovation.While every effort is being made to ensure the comfort of our guests during this period, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience that may be experienced".
Does anyone know what exactly they are doing in the tower suites lobby?

For that price you can rent 3 entire floors at Excalibur and re-enact The Shining!!!

@bigdaddyj I asked about extra perks and she wasn't sure. I guess they just don't get enough cash paying customers to give a straight answer. When I stayed in the Encore Duplex (on a fluke of a price, mind you), I definitely wasn't expecting butler service or limo transfers, but to my surprise, they were provided.

@LeoNYC Nice catch! You've inspired my next article.

this is terrible news!!! I'm planning on staying in the Tower Suites for the first time Nov 11-13. I booked a Virtuoso rate that includes breakfast at Tableau and an upgrade to Parlor Suite if available. Do you think I should cancel this if all the Tower Suites perks are going away or potentially ask for compensation???

So the top floor 1 bedroom is now quite a bit more expensive than the 2 bed encore apartment?

@Geoff $750 more expensive when comparing the cheapest dates.

voice from the ghetto (i.e., Resort room):
I remember when I stayed at Encore for the Aria opening, a slow time of year to be sure and the depths of the recession. My room was missing that wonderful bar of glycerin bath soap, so I called housekeeping, expecting a maid to drop one by on their next rounds.

Within minutes, a butler (in tux & tails) I assume came over from Tower Suites rang the doorbell and presented a silver tray with two full sets of bath soaps and body wash. Guess he had a lot of free time under the circumstances.... I felt compelled to run back into the room for a tip. Didn't hurt my impressions of Wynn service, though ;)

I read on VMB people talking about that Wynn liked the duplex Fairway villa he had made for himself so much that he was having all of the pool villas converted to duplexes which would cut the total number of villas but they'd be bigger have you heard anything about that?

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