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M Life's Facebook Flogging

By MikeE on Tuesday, 11th October 2011 1:36pm
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We've all voiced our concerns on Mlife - inconsistent comps, a clunky website, and tier levels with hardly any real benefits between one another. Despite being a community of some of the most straight-talking, tell-it-how-it-is Vegasphiles, we've been, for the most part, sympathetic. We understand it's been hard for MGM the last few years - a CityCenter that almost never opened, a Harmon that never will, and an incapable CEO at the head of it all.

Disagree? Think we're mean? Wait'll you see the bitchfit festival that is the Mlife Facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/mlifeplayersclub]. Here are a few examples:

Website angers...

M Life

A little more succinct + a Total Rewards low blow...

M Life

More website woes...

M Life

And finally, some much appreciated snark with an army of "likes"...

M Life

I figured that this level of negativity might have been a thing with all comp clubs in the social spotlight, but Total Rewards doesn't seem to be sharing the same woes. You don't have to search the Mlife page very hard to find the negativity, either - as a matter of fact, it's the most prominent aspect. This begs the question: does the service and promotion of a Facebook presence even benefit MGM if its "fans" keep publicly insisting that their program sucks shweddy donkey balls?

Social media opens up the floodgates, and in this case, is doing far more harm than good.

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Comments & Discussion:

Great captures, I wondered this same thought when they announced fall offers were out and got an outpouring of negative responses as people didn't receive them and then Mlife came back and said that they could either be delayed or wouldn't be receiving them.

Maybe the true value of "Social Media" is that we can end the adage that "Any publicity is good publicity"

^^ aka "Jagger's Law"

It's not exactly true that fall offers didn't come out. For some reason, they just aren't being displayed on the mlife website. If you call the property's VIP number, any host (aka reservation assistant) can tell you what offers you have.

@Halton, the problem is that one shouldn't always have to call the property or talk to a host in order to access such offers. What good is a player's club website if you cannot book offers via it? The websites for Boyd's B Connected and CET's Total Rewards aren't has much of a clusterfark as the Mlife site.

@vespajet, I agree and am not saying mlife didn't screw the pooch. However, some people are screaming that mlife has gone the way Venetian did earlier this year by no longer offering comps. That's not true. The reality is their website is a disaster. However, that really doesn't bother me so much that I won't call up the individual resorts and find out my offers.

However, if there was something to be mad at mlife for it would be for their new "reduced" tier points on franchise machines. For example, we know mlife hates video poker players but at least we know it. There are reports coming out saying machines that have royalty rights (Wheel of Fortune, Airplane, etc.) are now giving tier points the same as video poker. This is a far bigger problem for me than website incompetence. I'll be at Manadalay this weekend to confirm there new reduced tier point stuff. Again, apparantly it's not even marked anywhere on the machines.

@Halton You are correct, Mlife hates video poker players. I've always wanted to stay at Bellagio, and considered it for #VIMFP, until I was faced with the reality of comped rooms at Wynncore, Cosmo, and various CET properties, versus $184 a night at Bellagio with my Mlife "discount". Simple decision for me. Mlife blows goats.

How can anyone hate video poker players? We sit there, get drunk, and play until the money's gone. In the meantime, we attract all the hookers at the bar so they don't bother other guests. Most of us take at least 10 minutes to down each comped beer before we start waving at the bartender for another. I just don't get it.

Mlife is bafflingly bad. The website continues to show offers for Mirage and Mandalay, neither of which I've stayed in for more than a year and a half, and I get nothing from Aria, where I've stayed and played my last four trips. Mlife has been billed as MGM's answer to Total Rewards, but to me it seems like the exact same every-casino-for-itself setup that existed before. If they can't figure out where you're playing, how is the food, beverage, and entertainment spend tracking going to work?

for what it's worth...as a table games player, I have definitely gotten better rewards credits (comp dollars) with Mlife than with CET. made it to pearl with a fraction of the play i have put in at CET (where i'm almost platinum...)

that said, the room reservation system online is miserable...the resort fees just absolutely obliterate the value of all non-comp room offers...

You should see some of the comments on the Flamingo page as well. It's all part of social media, people love to bitch and be petty

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