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Photos: Bellagio Resort Deluxe Queen

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 11th October 2011 1:04pm
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VT reader Paul spent a coupla nights in Bellagio's "butterscotch" rooms, officially called the Resort Deluxe Queen and shared some photos with us. Thanks Paul!

Bellagio Resort Deluxe Queen


Bellagio Resort Deluxe Queen

Why not swap the desk and the chairs and decrease the number of chairs by one?Probably make a world of difference in this teeny weeny room.

Bellagio Resort Deluxe Queen

The busy detailed wallpaper makes the room feel small in these photos. Then again, the rooms at Bellagio are small.

Bellagio Resort Deluxe Queen

The Jockey Club looks puny.

Bellagio Resort Deluxe Queen

Dr. Rorschach will see you know.

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Comments & Discussion:

Makes me wanna hump.

While I agree the photos make it appear small, I'm guessing that it's winds up being the best look of the new remodels, or at least to me the best one I've seen of the three to date.

I know that the Bellagio is often criticized a lot on this site sort of like how Meg is always getting picked on all the time (for those of you Family Guy watchers). but........

I've stayed in one of these renovated rooms about a week ago and i've got to say the the room looks much, much nicer and bigger in person than in the pictures. Looks really nice and defiantly comparable to Wynn/ Encore, Cosmopolitan, etc. rooms despite the Bellagio's small size.

Bellagio only gets picked on when it deserves it. Same thing for praise. You, a self admitted Bellagio obsessive, are a little too sensitive to the criticisms. Read Blackjackers feature review of Bellagio's rooms... incredibly fair and very positive.

With all due respect Chuckmonster, while I enjoy this site and agree that Bellagio, like all properties, has its good and bad points, I have to agree with Romaman's observation, not just about Bellagio, but that, in general, that this website seems to heap lavish, sometimes possibly even undeserved, praise on Wynn & Encore (almost to the point of bias) and as a result seemingly takes an overly critical tone towards practically every other property in town, and that you yourself actually seem a little too sensitive to any criticisms of this fact, or any other disagreement with your opinions yourself...

Not all that long ago some commenters accused me of being paid off by Cosmopolitan too.

I guess if you have your own Vegas site, it means that you aren't allowed to have a favorite property. You aren't allowed to point out the reasons that you prefer the property. You are also not allowed to comment on why other properties aren't your favorite and what can be changed to make it more to your liking.
It's human to have differing opinions from one another, but I guess this doesn't apply to webmasters. Sorry, Chuck.

As discussed on the Vegas Gang, I did like the new room designs in person, with my primary complaint being the blue wallpaper being a little loud and the confused- with-Aria-aesthetic. If those rooms were in Monte Carlo.......

@saharalv M Resort is my highest rated casino resort in my favorites. Is that my bias?

For some people, the only "bias" of yours will be the one that they don't agree with, yo.

All I was trying to do was offer some honest feedback; as someone who has spent the last few months obsessively combing all manner of travel & vegas-centric websites in preparation for my next visit, I just noticed a palpable Wynn fanboyism on this site that seemingly gives it an overall less neutral tone than most other websites I've visited, that's just my honest opinion, you can choose to agree or disagree, or whatever you wish...but hey, it's Chuck's site, he can do what he wants, I still think it's a great site and I'll still be reading it on a daily basis and posting my thoughts as well (but wasn't there just a call for lurkers to come out and join the conversation? Does everyone who posts on a website always have to agree with everything the webmaster opines? Can't constructive criticism ever be offered?)

Also, I wasn't trying to accuse you of receiving payoffs, just of there being a palpable Wynn fanboy vibe on this site, and that in the past I've seen responses posted that tend to seem hypersensitive to any form of criticism (not just on the issue of Wynn, but in general), in response to your assertion that Romaman was being hypersensitive by posting his (assumedly) honest observation that Bellagio gets treated like Meg on Family Guy on this site, which is something that again, as a more neutral observer, I happen to agree with...not just regarding Bellagio, but other properties as well - and again, I'm not a fanboy of any property in particular, I'm only making my second trip to Vegas in 15 years next week, so I have no "dog" in this race, so to speak, that I'm trying to single out as deserving better praise, I was just trying to make an observation, one that you can choose to listen to or ignore...

Ahhhhh! Sorry guys, didn't mean to cause this mess!

Wynn and Encore are badass properties. A lot of the praise they get is well-deserved. A lot of Bellagio is fucking righteous, but there rooms leave something to be desired based on what has come after (unless you're Cosmopolitan).

Vegas, baby!


@bigdaddyj, (BTW-- welcome to the community, bigdaddyj!)

many here and on TwoWayHardThree (by definition, a Casino Design Blog), are longtime fans of Wynn & Roger Thomas. Less-than-favorable commentary re Bellagio has, IMO, usually centered on changes under MGM management which let service and maintenance slip during the inter-Wynn years (post-Mirage Resorts and pre-WLV), and then re-themed some of the venues. Very specifically, some of the Bellagio room renovations have been less-than-well received, and their small size is a product of the era when the B was built and as John said, how the bar has been raised in the years since. (The sight of brahs hauling beer coolers twd the room elevators can't have helped, either. You've noticed similar criticisms of Encore, no?)

I like this butterscotch pattern. What jinx73 said.

I guess I just don't understand the Wynn/Roger Thomas fetishism...I just think Wynn has its pros and cons, just like every other top-end resort in the city (though there's many resorts that are all cons, that is true), and (I guess its a matter of taste) I personally find some of the design choices at Wynn & Encore to be a bit, hmm, is fussy the word I'm looking for? Also, I find some of his management decisions in recent years, particulary since the opening of Encore, to be...flawed, I guess...but I agree, not just about Bellagio, but also about how MGM has handled many of the resorts it acquired over the years (Luxor, Mirage, etc) so again, I guess my criticism wasn't really as much about trying to stick up for Bellagio as it was trying to just make an observation of Wynn fanboyism from the perspective of someone who, while he admittedly had his own personal issues with his experience at Wynn, still agrees that Wynn is indeed one of the best resorts in Las Vegas, while at the same time also thinks that it is not SO much better than other high-end resorts, and Wynn's management & design decisions aren't SO much better than the rest of the field (generally better, yes, but head & shoulders better? My personal jury is still out on that one - see my review of the Wynn for more on my opinions on many recent Wynn management decisions), that I just think the level of praise lavished upon Wynn & his properties is a bit much sometimes...

Could they shove anymore shit in that room? I mean the chairs by the window make that room look ungodly crowded. I get that Bellagio is trying to veer away from the "stick a flat screen on a chest of drawers and wha-la" but having that huge ass armoire next to those chairs all shoved by that window are a little much. Two people couldn't sit over there without their knees banging each other

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