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Kick Ass: Room77.com

By MikeE on Monday, 10th October 2011 1:15pm
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One of the most frequently asked questions in the history of Las Vegas internets is, "What room should I request?" or some variation thereof. So common is this question that it even inspired me to archive photos of hotel fire escape evacuation plans in hopes of one day making a little database of them as a reference for Vegas-goers. Blame Encore Tower Suites for preventing me from expanding my horizons, but I digress...

Well, Room77.com has taken this idea to a whole 'nother level, and not just for hotels in Vegas, but around the world.

Before I get too excited, it should be said that it's obviously still very much in beta and most strip hotels aren't on there yet, but that doesn't mean I didn't just blow an hour of my day poking around on it. Check out what seems to be their most complete listing: the Cosmopolitan. You can choose between maps of east and west towers, select floors and specific rooms, see simulated views, give room preferences, and even get a little extra info. Did you know that Cosmo *does* indeed have two queen rooms with terraces at the butt of the West Tower? I'll bet even Mac69696 didn't know that!

Like with anything not exclusively Vegas related, there's bound to be some errors. St. Regis condos, anyone? Yikes. Or the fact that those south facing rooms on the west end of Treasure Island aren't considered the best view.

Nevertheless, it's fun to poke around and definitely worth a visit before staying at a hotel you're not already familiar with.

What room should you request when pulling the $20 trick? Now you know.

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Some of the "weak views" are rooms that in some cases, they've not gotten any reviews on yet.

Tripkick seems to have more Vegas hotels and significantly more information about them, though without the views and such.

Do most Vegas hotels let you request specific rooms? I typically check-in early and take first available nonsmoking that is away from any club noise. With Cosmo's check-in issues, I can't imagine asking for a specific room.

Pretty nice website, I'm gonna spent some time there for my upcoming Cosmo visit later this month.

Great site, I think i stumbled across this a while back, but forgot to save it in favorites and never saw it again. Thank you for posting it, it should be interesting once it's completed.
If I were to stay at Encore (resort side) again, I'd ask for room 10 on any of the floors (but the higher the better). Room XX-10 is the last southwestern resort room before the tower suites side, correct? (just basing this on 6310 being next door to the sky casino).

..well, I guess I should have posted this after revisiting the website. Didn't know 6310 was the default room when you click on Encore. lol.

This has to be the best view in Vegas.



I actually discovered this site a few weeks ago completely by accident during a Google search; while it still has its bugs & kinks to work out & definitely needs to add more hotels, it is completely fascinating for hotel junkies...what I find it most interesting for, moreso than just what room has the best view, and particularly when it comes to Vegas, is getting to truly see all the different room and suite types that a hotel offers, especially since in many Vegas hotels the bigger and best suites aren't always mentioned on the website, though so far, I've found the accuracy of this information seems to vary from hotel to hotel (for example, in looking at Mandalay Bay, I discovered a whole range of suite types both in the main tower & THEhotel that I had never heard of before or knew existed (mostly invitation-only high roller suites I'd imagine)...yet on the other hand, for Paris Las Vegas, I know there are larger suites (like the "Napoleon" suites) that do exist there but yet aren't reflected on the room listings & maps on room77...but overall, definitely a fascinating site that I look forward to seeing continue to grow and develop...

Yeah this site has been up for just a little bit. When we went to Berlin back in May, the hotel we stayed at had a little sign at the reception desk that said "Check us Out on Room77.com" but we never did. Thought it was just another hotel booking engine site.

This is awesome.
I once asked the Encore desk staff for a floorplan, to confirm the location of two-bed rooms and connecting rooms, and they acted like such a thing did not exist nor could they describe the layout to me. Til I asked about the floorplan on the back wall behind them....

@stevecovington, agree w/ your assessment of the views!
I was lucky enough to have room xx20 twice in a row (athough I swear it was xx19 on floors in the 50's), and xx24 before that (a two-bed). Best views while on the Resort side.

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