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Casino Cultural Concessions

By Misnomer on Friday, 7th October 2011 3:16pm
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Las Vegas casinos go to great lengths to observe cultural protocols. For instance, you're probably familiar with the fact that some Las Vegas hotels have no floors beginning with the number 4, which represents death in some Asian cultures. But since Vegas draws visitors from around the world, there are a wide range of concessions made by casinos, including some you may not have heard of before. Here, we examine a few of the more unusual.

In Canada, it is quite common for a coffee carafe to serve dual purpose as a chamber pot. As such, many Las Vegas hotels provide the "Hortons Wizzers" in their rooms.

Superstitious Japanese gamblers on a "hot streak" have been known to wear the same undergarments for weeks at a time. At the conclusion of the streak, they launder the soiled garments in a specially designated "Japanese Soaking Tub". In accordance with tradition, the tub itself must never be cleaned. Westerners, ignorant of the tradition, have been known to bathe in these tubs in their Vegas hotel rooms!

The option to surrender in blackjack is a concession to French tradition.

Deceased Australian publishing magnate Kerry Packer, a high-stakes gambler coveted by casinos, insisted that cards be dealt to him not from a shoe, but rather from a pouch worn around the dealer's mid-section.

Rapid-roulette, the speedier variation of the classic wheel game, was implemented at the urging of jittery Colombian gamblers, who insisted that the standard game wasn't going nearly fast enough.

Although it is common for casinos to issue gaming chips featuring an animal associated with the Chinese Zodiac, not all animals are chosen for the honor. For instance, while casinos have issued chips depicting The Rat, The Tiger, and The Rooster, there has never been a single chip produced featuring Roadkill Pete, The Slow-Footed Possum.

Peel the foil wrapper from a $5000 chip to reveal rich, dark Swiss chocolate. And a corkscrew. And a nail file. And a tiny scissors. And a toothpick.

Did you know that slot stools are fully adjustable, as a convenience to Panamanian gamblers? The next time you're in one, reach down, in between your legs, and ease the seat back.

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Brilliant close.

^^ Credit my editor! :)

One of your best efforts!

Vrooom Vroom

bwahahahahahaha, but again with the coffee, you know it was only one pot at Tims......and I blame DonnyMac for that one

I LOL'd at the Kerry Packer one. Those wacky Aussies. Good stuff.

I can picture Diamond Dave in front of the slots !!!! Brilliant !!!! hahahaha !!!

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