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MGM Grand Gets Wrapped

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 6th October 2011 4:17pm
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MGM Grand

Sometime in the last month or so, MGM Grand has added a advertising wraps to the Strip and Tropicana facing quadrants of the green monster. To my knowledge this the first time they've ever done so.

The wraps advertise shows by Cirque du Soliel and illusionist David Copperfield.

I'm curious if any of you have seen a building wrap while walking down the Strip and said... "oh yeah! lets go see ______!" How exactly to the bean counters quantify these things as being successful advertising?


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They've done wraps before for special events and occasions. All-Star Weekend and, back around 2002, the ginormous Britney Spears.

Maybe I'll just stick to Atlantic City for a while.

A reminder of a simpler time, when BritBrit was still super-hot barely-post-jailbait.


"I'm curious if any of you have seen a building wrap while walking down the Strip and said... "oh yeah! lets go see ______!" How exactly to the bean counters quantify these things as being successful advertising?"

You're asking the wrong group of people - a group who are Vegas crazy, and can name a hotel based on a pic of it's carpet. The average schmo may see these things and have his wife say - "hey, that looks interesting, and you promised to take me to a show."

or, you get the person who remembers seeing an ad for a specific show, thinks about seeing that show, then forgets until the get to Vegas and say to themselves "oh yeah - that's where X is playing!"

Besides, you have a huge building - why not throw some free advertising on it?

as for quantifying it, who knows. Most advertising only brings in a fractional increase based upon not having it, so who's to say if it actually is effective. They probably figure that a TV commercial costs X per showing, and you will only get a certain amount of people to see the TV show that it is advertised during, and an even smaller percentage who don't fast forward thru the commercial break. On the other hand, the wrap is basically a one time fee (cost to create and install), and can get a lot more eyeballs.

Nullzero makes a point in that the audience maybe the wrong one to ask the question, but I'm with Chuck here I just don't think that they are getting the visitors they think they are by defacing the property.

It was there at the beginning of August, when I was there. There was also a smaller one advertising the CSI thing (although it might have been just a billboard, not a wrap - not sure).

Jinx hit it spot on... "defacing the property"!!

While some wraps look cool (i.e. Penn & Teller, Peepshow), most of them look downright tacky. Do architects know beforehand that if they design a hotel in Vegas that sooner or later their artistic creation is gonna have something like Donny & Marie's teeth plastered over it? I'm surprised none of the newer towers were specifically designed solely for that purpose.

I have no problem with wraps when they're up temporarily for some special occasion (the big Cher concert back in 2000 at MGM was the first time I ever saw a mega-wrap of it's kind), but when they become permanent advertising it kinda defeats the whole purpose of building design. Then again, the idea of thematic synergy has never really dawned on someone like Murren.

My that Copperfield sure does look green.

This is really no different then the advertising which has been on the top of the Mirage for several years now for "Love"..the MGM had a cool ad for the Mayweather Ortiz fight a few weeks ago on the same building..I hated the Donny and Marie ad on the Flamingo, but other people loved it..and they replaced it with a paid ad for H&N..its just part of the Vegas landscape now..if you remember, the Stardust was doing this on a regular basis before the building came down, and the Hilton had that huge Manilow thing up for a while before he went to Paris..

I do not really have a problem with this. As a regular visitor I know that Copperfield is there and Ka but someone who has never been there before may look and say 'hey lets get tickets'. It is the same as the Love banner on the top of Mirage.

MGM Grand is loving wraps! They had a giant Floyd Mayweather a week before the fight.

Anyway Clark County has recently changed rules on wraps and that's why you don't see Luxor wrapped with random ads anymore (like Transformers).

You can only wrap the building with an ad that promotes something that is in the building so if it's an event you have to take it down immediately.

Also in interesting wrap facts the "Elvis is in the building" wrap at ARIA was done twice because the first time they made it had 4 stars and the second time it was done with 5.

If you're a fan of building wraps check out the wrap on Veer and the newly installed Harmon wrap!

Last but not least earlier this year Mandalay Bay was trying to wrap the roof of their convention center but again the county said no.

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