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The Aria Express

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 3rd October 2011 11:58am
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Not sure when this happened, but The City Center Choo-Choo is now called "The Aria Express."

City Center Choo Choo

Too bad the thing doesn't stop at ARIA.

Thanks to VT super uber Canadian reader Donnymac66 for the tweet tip.

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That's about as bad as the name they've given to the people mover at the airport here in Atlanta, The Plane Train.

We saw this from our room at Aria last month, i think on 9/2. but we didnt notice this on the tram in July, so that is the best i can narrow it down to. your welcome for being vague!

Aria Express sounds like a bad case of the Cha Cha. It's no secret that we prefer to call that structure, "Di-Aria" (diahrrea) but this just reinforces our title...

Do they even undertand how many times I've had to tell people on that train when they've reached "City Center"!? The place is a confusing mess for pedestrians and this won't help. Up until recently I confused the Cosmopolitan with the Harmon thinking they were one and the same building even though I specifically took photographs of the Cosmopolitan hotel (with the squared strip front) and the Harmon (the rounded building) because of the weird access... I still thought I was going into the Harmon tower when I entered the Cosmo.

Rode it on day one. What a joke. I parked at Bellagio thinking it would be quicker and easier (and not realizing they had moved the tram station). After walking to the ass end of Bellagio, up escalators, another walk to the station, it dumps me at... Crystals.

And people thought that the monorail was a pain to ride...

I'd still like to get inside the head of CityCenter designers and figure out why they built a resort so inaccessible to the sidewalk public. I'm no fan of CET, but they are super-smart building Linq to 1. Take advantage of all the pedestrian traffic and 2. Try to provide and interesting way of drawing people off The Strip and back into their properties.

When I was last there the fact that I had to walk all the way to the back to get to Aria was sort of silly. This now tops that on the silly meter.

As far as not stopping at Aria, it's telling that the digital signage for the Monte Carlo station now says "Monte Carlo/Aria." That station is far closer to the casino than the Crystals station. The tram system there really seems poorly thought out.

I'm sitting in McCarran right now, and I can say that the tram was not called "Aria Express" as of my last trip in mid-July.

I've only ridden it once, and the trek to it from Aria as well as the trek out of Bellagio was a pain in the ass. Calling it the Aria Express is false advertising, as a taxi is more express.....

To me the only way/reason to travel this is from MC/Aria stop to Bellagio. I've never understood calling the middle stop an Aria/Crystals stop, the MC stop from the beginning should have been labeled as Aria and then Crystals as the second stop and then Bellagio.

A tip: always use the elevators, rather than the escalators when using the Aria Choo-Choo.

What makes me laugh the most is when pedestrians going from MC to CityCenter take the Tram to 'Aria' instead of taking the esacalator down into the casino.

I think they tried to make CityCenter secluded a bit like Bellagio is, but they forgot that Bellagio can draw people in because it has a lake/fountain show up front, whereas CityCenter has an LAX-esque driveway as its main attraction.

Why so inaccessible? City Center has been an orgy of hubris from Day One. I think the elitist dolts who designed it took one look at the teeming masses walking up and down the strip and decided they wanted no part of that. Who knows, maybe that will pay off someday.

In the meantime, CET is probably working with Dyson to develop a mega-cyclone vacuum that sucks those same people off the sidewalk and into their casinos. If you start hearing a 'whoosh' near their doors you'll know I'm right.


FWIW, I tweeted this nearly three months ago: http://twitpic.com/5qqqwu
Hope everyone's doing great

^^ Dammit! Scooped again by that one guy! Somebody help me remember his name. Anybody? Aw c'mon. I can picture him - I mean hell, he had 5 pictures of himself plastered on the homepage of his blog. Can't recall his name though. Geez, this is killing me. No one? Nobody remembers the guy? Hmph.

Wow. I was just pointing it out. Thanks for reminding me how bitter and small you are. It's kind of stunning how successful I was at getting under your skin without even trying. Cool.

Here is Seattle we have a street car with a pretty special name. The South Lake Union Transit. Yupp. Come to Seattle and for $2 you too can ride the SLUT.

Stupid question: what is this Aria Express, and where does it go to/from? I go to Vegas twice a year, have stayed at Aria, and have absolutely no idea what you gentlemen are talking about. Please, please explain.

If they had laid everything out correctly, there would be ZERO need for the tram. I thought the whole point was to encourage foot traffic within your connected properties, not offer a tram experience where you must enter an outdoor space that smells like a 90 year old man's used enema bag and EXIT the property. Had they just reconfigured the MC mall and connected it with Aria and actually integrated what became Vdara with Bellagio, it would have solved TONS of problems. Not all of them by a long shot, but a lot.

Like I suggested last year, I still think that "Vdara" should have been an extension of Aria ("Vdara Suites at Aria?") and MO should have been fully integrated and connected with Bellagio's existing infrastructure(taking Vdara's spot). Veer and Harmon should have never left the drawing boards.

Sucky sucky.

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