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Margaritaville Casino Video Walkthrough

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 3rd October 2011 10:59am
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VT super reader Minton sent us a video walkthrough of the new Margaritaville casino at the Flamingo.

Looks like more people gamblin' in there than the last few times I was at Cosmopolitan. Looks like folks are having a great time, curious what the table game and VP rules are.

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On the pictures from facebook, it looked like the felt for BJ it said 3/2. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Is the Margaritaville casino accessible from inside Flamingo proper, or do you have to go outside to get inside?

I'm also curious about the video poker pay tables. Looks like they opted to go without bartop VP at the 5 o'clock somewhere bar? That's a bummer.

Just like in the renderings, no VP at the main bar. However, I must say it looks alot better than I thought it would. I might go as far as to say it looks fun.

This looks like it's right at the door. And amazingly the place doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

Looks good, maybe they can refresh the Flamingo floor in a similar manner. It needs to be brightened up a bit.

It was not very long ago that people on this site were opining the lack of themed casinos and how it is a detriment to the Las Vegas experience. I don't think this casino is for everyone, but I think it's great. It goes in the opposite direction of the bland beige theme-less mega casino. It's kitschy and fun and filled with drunk 50 somethings. It's kind of like a Buffett concert.

You can walk through the casino from inside the Flamingo...that is where the video starts. The VP was the same as most caesar's paytables, not great. I didn't see what the BJ rules were, but I will say it's a lot better than the steakhouse that no one ever went to. I was surprised how busy it was only being the soft opening, but since it is open to the strip it promotes a lot of walk in traffic

played there this weekend, was pleasantly surprised to find the BJ rules mirrored most other CET properties - the cheaper tables ($10 and $15) were 6:5, but the $25 tables were 3:2.

Talked to a handful of employees working there, the new crew was cobbled from all over...i think my two dealers i had were from o'sheas and bill's, and the pit boss was from paris.

New casino chips also freshly out this weekend, some of the reds have a "it's five o'clock somewhere" thing on them. the greens are a walking advertisement for "landshark", the beer that margaritaville is pushing.

CW's are in bikini tops...they were all in fine shape, and not unattractive...but just felt a combo of "age/sun exposure/poor plastic work"...which, again, fits with CET quite well. maybe this is just being mean, but i feel that of all the female eye candy employees on the strip, CET does an amazing job of finding the worst faces possible. maybe loveman has a thing for fierce, manly, roman chins and harsh features.

floor layout is long and thin...did not go nearly as deep into the steakhouse 46 space as i thought they would. makes for a big of a winding trek.

biggest pet peeve - the tables are a pretty good ways from the main flamingo casino floor, yet there is no cage to cash your chips. with respect to the flamingo strip real estate, the tables are as far north as possible, while the cage is pretty much on the south end of the property. minor issue, i know, but annoying.

all in all, looked better than i thought it would, would play there again. but i still enjoy the proper flamingo casino, where the dealers still wear those flamingo tuxedo shirts...sharp and special.

How can you have a mini-casino filled with drunk 50 somethings without bartop VP? Sacrilege!!!

The drunk 50 somethings better not include the cocktail waitresses, or I'm outa there...

Visited yesterday and will mirror most of what @A5RoadDogg said.

Keep in mind that cocktailing is a union job, hence the CW's at various properties who's "model" looks expired years ago. I'm guessing that the CW's for Margaritaville Casino were hired fresh and actually have another title. (Newer resorts, nightclubs, etc. now hire for "server models" or similar so they can base looks as part of the criteria for keeping the job).

The decor wasn't as vivid as the preliminary drawings indicated due to muted light in the casino. If it were all lit up very bright, it would probably look like the drawings.

Center bar has a very nice vibe to it. With no gaming machines, people actually talk and interact. However, did see flair bartending which some people don't like.

Love the craps table right at one of the entrance doors a la O'Sheas.

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