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High Heel Highlight Reel

By Misnomer on Friday, 30th September 2011 12:39pm
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Ladies: We understand that high heels are stylish. And, we get that they impart an elevated sense of, well, everything. But, when combined with alcohol, those sleek stilettos are downright dangerous. You could slip. You could fall. And your callous friend could eat a duck tongue taco as you struggle to recover.

Lesson: Leave the heels at home, buy some sensible shoes, and drink in moderation.

Fellas: Sure, those four inch heels really complete your outfit. And, we get that your sense of most things was long ago dulled by four cans of Four Loko. But those heels are simply not the proper foot attire for dancing, whether it be a traditional, turn of the century Ozark Mountain jig, or early 80's b-boying, or even your attempt at combining the two.

Lesson: Leave the heels in the dumpster behind Marquee. But if you happen to come across a discarded belt, by all means, use it.

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Ask any of my friends what one of my biggest pet peeves is and they'll tell you it's bitches who can't walk in heels if their life depended on it. You don't look hot or sophisticated or sexy, you look like a ten-year-old trying old mommie's shoes! Take a lesson from a stripper or drag queen! You appear as pathetic as Bristol Palin's dancing! UGH!!!

Thanks for letting me rant.

The best part is there isn't a single security guy anywhere near them.

Speaking of heels how about an in-depth report on cocktail waitresses with ugly shoes?
I'll help with the research!

the second video is half the reason I love staying downtown.

That guy's not even the scariest thing I've seen on Fremont Street. When I was out there in June (Donnymac and Spyder can confirm this as well.), there was a guy dressed up as a showgirl. I don't mean some feminine looking guy doing a drag act. Think Fred Flintstone in a showgirl getup.

Based on my experience in the wee hours of last Saturday morning, I think whoever decided to urge the combination of too-tight-to-walk dresses, stiltettos, and lots of alcohol is a comedy genius. Most amusing was the young lady who slipped and fell on her butt in front of the fountain at the mouth of the Venetian driveway, so her drunk buddy decided he'd draw attention away from her by rolling himself into the fountain, ending up completely submerged.

He's probably still wondering why his phone no longer works.

"Honey there's a drunk guy dancing in heels in front of...wait you're using video?!?! No poon for you."

Let's be honest though, heels or not the girl in the first video wasn't going to stay vertical for very long anyway. Timber....

Drunk guys dancing on Freemont arent new but are always entertaining. The high heeled wonders in the first video reminded me of three blind guys trying to decribe an elephant. Was her friend initially trying to keep her upright then figured what the hell-let her fall?

I think I've danced with that guy on Freemont before.....but he had a shirt on, I think....Vespa,DonnyMac, little help.....gawd I drink too much, oh well, gotta go try on my wife's heels and dance for a bit

I love the nagging chick in the second video "you'll waste by battery..." if that isn't good enough of an opportunity to use your camera battery I would love to see what she was saving it for. Maybe she had plans for it when they got back to the room.

Nah, most likely she wanted to take some completely original and never before seen videos of the Bellagio fountains. :)

I've never been able to do heels. I'm 5'8" so I'm taller than a lot of other people already and putting heels on just makes me feel like the 50 foot woman. I wear flats with just about everything or my Chuck Taylor boots over skinny jeans and call it a day. I can walk in heels, I own a few pair, but putting them on, then standing up straight with pride just makes me feel way to tall. I've got nice legs to show them off, but I don't like feeling taller than everyone around me.

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