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Introducing: The El Cortez Farmhouse And Casino

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 29th September 2011 5:32pm
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El Cortez took to their Facebook joint to show off their new paint job.

El Cortez Paint Job

They also announced a new special, book a room and get three chickens, a suckling pig and two bales of hay and an oat named John.

Thanks to VT Platinum Noir Friend Vespajet for the tweet tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Of course you wouldn't like it, Mr. Monster, you hang with "Rog" and talk about decorating Heaven. Obviously something in downtown would be beneath people of such status. However, since I..EYE (emphasis added) and others like me think El Cortez IS Heaven: I am very interested in what you & "Rog" would do differently with the property? (only after it is run by Tony Hsieh first)

My liking or not liking El Cortez has nothing to do with it. Once you sober up from sniffing all that Bondo, you'll agree that their paint job looks like a farmhouse!

Kinda crule, Chuck. I told you time and again that breathing Bondoed dust causes permanunt brane dimmage. I won't be sobering up

What the hell were they thinking?

That's a poor choice in color schemes. Being that it's the "El Cortez" they should have thrown in some green and rolled out the red white and green carpet for the Mexican/Spanish-speaking audience. Would have looked nicer at least.

Why did they even bother? The tower looked fine just the way it was! If they were gonna spend any money, how about replacing that dated logo at the top.

OK, having sobered up this morning, I can say it still doesn't strike me as a farmhouse.
More of a windmill, or a corner pylon from one of those airplane racing courses.

At least they are trying different things even if they don't all work out.

It doesn't strike me as a farmhouse, either. Hell, I don't even know what they were trying to accomplish with that.

I'm going with lighthouse.

it looks like a farmhouse to me...

Definitely farmhouse.


Why do I have the sudden urge to play Super Breakout?

I don't know, seeing that photo, thinking about 115 degree Las Vegas heat...it's making me feel ill.

I saw it this weekend. While it looks like farmhouse colors in the pic, it looks very hip and if you're driving on Fremont St west towards the FSE, between the Fremont Street East signs and the newly painted ElCo tower, it looks like the ElCo fits right into the vibrant new scene. I like it in person!

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