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More Details On Monte Carlo Fountain Bar

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 28th September 2011 2:04pm
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Monte Carlo Fountain

The plot thickens regarding Monte Carlo's plans to construct an outdoor bar at their strip side fountain entrance (above). In filings submitted to Clark County Planning Commission, details have emerged about the construction and usage of the two level venue.

The plans show a 6,350 square foot proposed bar. Level 1 is a total of 6,105 square feet, consisting of 3 bar areas, a fire pit, seating area, and a 1,435 square foot outside drinking area. Level 2 consists of a 245 square foot stage for live entertainment.

The entire venue is planned to be no more than 24 feet high with "no access from the interior of the resort." Sounds to me like this is Monte Carlo's answer to the Chateau Beer Garden but with a small stage/DJ booth mounted above it. I'll be willing to guess that they might even use this location to stage concerts or other events "on the plaza."

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Is it just me, or does the MC's hotel 32's website not work? Whenever I try to link to it from the main MC website (or even type the address in manually), all I get is a pretty much a blank red page...

strip side beverage refills... yes please.

I hate to see the fountain go, but more strip side boozing options (with seating!?), the better.

From what I've read, the fountain is staying. There is enough room on this corner to keep the fountain unlike Diablos. If you play around with dimensions equaling the square footage stated and the distance from the streets, you end up with a small plaza area with the fountain in the center.

@bigdaddyJ Are you running the latest version of Flash? It's loading fine for me on my PC and on my BlackBerry PlayBook.

Nope, that's not it...(just went & downloaded the latest version of flash & the site still isn't working for me...) Good suggestion, though...

I didn't like it that much when they came up with Diablos but changing this corner with the fountain is the last straw for me, they want to be the new PH or HRH ? c'mon ! They're gonna end up like that mess in front of Caesars where they have the drinks and sweets , Serendipity or whatever is called.

I think the fire pit idea could be cool. I always like to be outside in Vegas but some February/March trips get a little too cold at night. I would like to see something with music that may appeal to someone over 18.

I'm sorry, did someone just say Blackberry Playbook?

Oh man... Diablo's looks awkward enough as it is at the other corner of Monte Carlo. While i like the idea of bringing street life to an otherwise blank space on the strip, I wish that they could find a way to better integrate their concept for an outside bar with the overall architectural theme of Monte Carlo.

@Blackjacker1979 Yes somebody mentioned the BlackBerry PlayBook, me. I wish I would have waited since you can get one cheaper than when I bought mine three months ago (They're rebooting the PlayBook as the newest version of the O/S is due in late October so they want to cut the stocks in stores so they can offer the 2.0 O/S on retail units so folks who buy one don't have to update to it. Some chains are rumored to be dropping it completely due to the lackluster sales.). I like the fact I can tether my PlayBook to my BlackBerry Curve via Bluetooth.

It will not be accessible from inside the resort itself? That seems counter intuitive to the "All-inclusive" resort ideal.

Just the place to go when you are walking down the street and needing a cocktail.

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