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Where Are They Now Dept.: Wayne F. Newton

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 27th September 2011 4:57pm
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There was a time, not all that long ago, when a certain Wayne Fucking Newton asked for and received multi-million dollar contracts to secure his specific brand of showroom seat filling services.

Not only are those days gone, they have as much chance of returning as the Stardust does.

After being dumped in a huff by the Tropicana's agents of "We're Changing Everything" in 2009, Wayne has been missing in action on the Las Vegas strip. No one off gigs at MGM Grand, no one nighters at the Hilton. Instead he's scheduled to play Queensborough Community College in Bayside, NY, Union County PAC in Rahway NJ, Ft. Lauderdale Christmas Pageant at the First Baptist Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Again, we ask, is it time for Wayne Newton to officially hang up his microphone? Or maybe he already did... and found a new career... via plastic surgery.

Wayne plus Wynn equals Winn

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Comments & Discussion:

Thanks for the tip. I'll go to Wayne's Fort Lauderdale performance to see if he's changed at all since I last saw him at Windsor's Elmwood Casino in the 1960s.

I wonder how much it would cost to book him to do a show? I'm thinking $30K.

I was thinking a few pornslapper cards and a 4 piece McNugget.

Maybe he will be known now as Mr.Rahway!Those pictures = riotousness.

Wynn needs to get a better act in there than Garth Brooks, Wayne would do; Seriously, Garth Brooks as the headliner at Wynn? That never made sense to me...it's like using your Black Amex to go shopping at Kmart, just has always seemed like a total demographic mismatch to me...

I think I've got the perfect act for my nephews Bar Mitzvah.

Steve Wynn would never allow Wayne to perform at his hotel because he represents the old Las Vegas of the 60's and 70's. Exactly what Steve detests and would like to wipe from the history books. He has personally erased at least three classic casinos from the strip: Desert Inn, Dunes and Castaways

Well the only hotels that would book him would be places like the Orleans, the Hilton or even Bally's. His act is old but there are people who would go to see him just for the novelty. I was dragged to his show in 2004 and the show was pretty good. In 2007 I was dragged to see him again and the show wasnt as good because his voice was going. His voice must be worse than it was now so he may have to deal with the fact that his time has passed.

As much as Steve Wynn likes to think he is, the Desert Inn truly was the class of Las Vegas, and he should've never torn it down...I'll never forget Dave Woods, my dad's old casino host there back in the 70's & 80's...talk about service! (And those Duplex suites with the private pools out back in the old Wimbledon building? Just as good as any villa or suite on the strip today...the Wimbledon building really was the MGM mansion of its day...)

I'm pretty sure Wayne F. wishes he had made the money Garth has in his career. I'm no fan of Garth, but knocking him as white trash and inferior to Wayne F. is silly. Having known Garth sideman Ty England's father in a business manner since 1976, I can tell you there are very few people who are more financially astute that Brooks. He has never taken his eye off the big green ball. Ever.

I think Wayne F. needs to get a Garthish gig at Stratosphere. The Strat is aiming for a retro kinda vibe, yet always struggles with the "not really on the Strip" burden. I think there is no entertainer alive who represents "The Las Vegas Strip" more than Wayne F. Newton!
Top of the World, Ma. Top of the World!
And his hair has much more sexier appeal than Mr(s?) Spiegels

JeffinOKC, I think you completely misunderstood the analogy I was making about Garth Brooks being at the Wynn - I didn't mean that Garth Brooks doesn't have a lot of money, or even that he is a cheap act to hire, but rather that (at least in my mind) when it comes to selecting a regular act for a showroom in a 5-star resort that is (supposed) to be the epitome of class & refinement on the strip, and which (again, supposedly) appeals to the creme-de-la-creme of Vegas visitors, that Garth Brooks seems to be an odd choice, that at least on the surface doesn't seem to be an appropriate match for the demographic of big gamblers that is the Wynn's bread and butter...and also, just because Garth brooks has a lot of money doesn't make him a class act that appeals to people with taste..after all, McDonald's is hugely popular and makes a lot of money, but I wouldn't think it would be an appropriate restaurant to find in the esplanade at Wynn either...

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