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Cosmopolitan Wraps The Front Doors

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd September 2011 5:12pm
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VT superfriend and curator of Cosmopolitans collection of weird shit, Mr. Christopher "would it help if i charged a hooker to the hotel for you" Burns Yfrogged (Yfrogged?) an array of photos revealing the new front door (by Bond) wraps at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Cosmo front door

This is some crazy people shit!

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Advertisement with flair. I like it

What in gay hell?! Um... STAGING101 still works in this case. "Clutter eats equity" It looks too schizo to attract people of quality. This is like the fannypack floodgate being opened. Maybe while we're at it we can cover some windows with aluminum foil?

Apparently, the only way to get a hipster to spend any money at all is to beat them over the head with your offerings.

Are the guys on the right urinating?

I like sitting at Bond or Henry with the light of day streaming through the windows. This is going to block the natural light.

@chuck, you think that's ugly wait till i send youpictures of the flow chart thingy that's on the strip front windows. Curiously Tacky!!!

You know there was a high-level executive meeting where the following conversation took place:

Executive A: "Well, we could always get people to gamble here by lowering table limits."

Executive B: "Or, and just think about this for a second, we could get them to gamble by covering our Strip-side entrances in retro-esque posters."

Executive A: "I like the way you think."

This looks like the street level enterance to the Fashion Show Mall..very strange..

WTH !?!?! When did this happened ? I was there the weekend of Sep 16 and none of this crap was there. Oh well, hope they take it off by late October.


What about an LSD-themed front-door retro-poster wrap? Maybe not so much of a big draw, but the lights sure are pretty.

Actually I really like this! I have no problem with properties taking styling risks that are temporary like this. It would make me want to come in and see what's going on. Although I have not yet stayed at the Cosmo because of all the negative reviews and higher room rates I visit and play at this property every trip. There is an energy and enthusiasm within the property I don't feel anywhere else. Most likely from the sparkly newness but I have enjoyed all my time inside.

It reminds me of the entrance to a record store......

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